4 Steps To Find & Avoid Online Dating Scams

Online dating, Internet romance are becoming more and more popular because it has many positive aspects. But frankly speaking, it has also proven to be a ‘big board’ for dating scammers to exploit the trend, taking advantage of innocent men and women in search of love.

Now, You can find and avoid falling prey to dating scammers by reading the below online dating tips:

1. Starting First Contact to your Private Email Address
Professional online dating scammers are very smart and creative. They virtually always are the first to start emailing you. Usually, they will tell you that they found your contact details or profile on X or Y website and that were touched by your profile and would like to know you more and build a romantic relationship with you. If you receive such emails in your private Email Address –whether in your spam or inbox folder–don’t pay attention to it. Just delete it. If possible, mark this email as phishing scam.

If you want to have a meaningful online dating, you are adviced to join a credible online dating site (such as Chnlove.com, AsiaMatch.com, both of  them have serious Anti-scam POLICY), and start communication under their guide. Never believe the people who start first contact to your private Email.

2. Sending Fake Pictures
Usually, online dating scammers will email or scan fake pictures from magazines. In most cases they tend to steal another person’s photographs, such as of a beautiful woman or a charming gentleman and post them. Just ignore them.

I could not but mention Chnlove.com again. It is an accepted fact that Chinese girls in this site are most beautiful, but their photo is also true and faithful. Chnlove and its local agencies verify all of lady’s profile before posting them on the site.

3. Not Disclosing Any Personal Information
More often than not, scammers will show an overly interest feelings in everything about you, yet do not share any of their personal data with you. If you feel that the person you are talking to is bombarding you with questions but refuses to answer any of your questions then; know that your life is in danger.

Chnlove.com always tell their members to know each other better before making the final decision, no matter communicate with their EMF MAILS, or lovecall,or praivate ways, when you want to develop the relationship further, always think it over.

4. Asking For Financial Help
After communicating with the scammer for three days – to a couple of weeks, an ‘unexpected emergency’ will occur and you will be asked for a huge sum of money. Most often they tell you that their mother or sister is ill and therefore surgery is needed but do not have enough funds, or they want to meet you but need your financial support with airfare, and so on. When you encounter such things, know that you are not dealing with a genuine online dater, but an experienced online scammer.

Yes, NEVER send money to anyone who you met online, but have not yet met in person. This is the primal faith Chnlove tells their members.

Welcome to  Chnlove Anti-Scam Campaign to know more about Chnlove Anti scam policy.

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