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As moon goes by, dating on-line becomes common due to the innovative and creative information technologies. Meanwhile, somehow it is hard to find out the one you love due to lots of social factors and a kind of information explosion. I have read lots of thread on this issue and conclude in three suggestion.

Pick by your heart on Chnlove Asia

I live in China and I’m married to a lovely lady I met thru this site. From my experience, I believe there are lots of genuine Chinese women in these dating site. It is really helpful for you to read more information on how to authenticate your ladies. Moreover, believe me you should pay more attention to pick you Chinese women from the search engine on the Chnlove Asia, which enrich the chance to find the one you wish to communicate with, and don’t initially limit yourself to one choice. Select a few and have fun, but keep in touch with the forum for guidance!

Communicate with Chinese women through EMF mail

Yes, I would like to say EMF do have incredible effect on the communicaton because they help translation between your ladies and you. Beyond this, I also found the pin ying you can then translate to english. Keep every thing simple. I was lucky my wife spoke fairly good English, so my adventure has been a walk in the park compared to some of the guys. So choose the Chinese woman you wish to communicate with, tell the girl particular incidents about your life or details and ask her comments on this. If she answers with a bit of interest than you know you may be on to the real person. More important! You should ask for everyday photos from the start of communication! Don’t be shy put them under pressure right from the word go – if they like you they will comply with your requests, but do it politely.

The age gap with Chinese women?

The age thing – culturally the Chinese lady will consider an older man as he is seen as more loyal and secure than a man of her own age. I wrote to a Chinese woman early on about the age difference and she said that she specifically wanted to be with an older western man because they are more mature and know what it means to love someone. I can’t say from a males perspective that this is alway true of older men but reading numerous books about Chinese culture and the diminished value of women, it seems to make sense. However, in some case, the gap is not able to avoid when it comes, but I believe two people can have a great relationship regardless of age. I think there is a saying: love has no age barriers.

There are loads of genuine men on here ready to tell you the truth about Chnlove Asia. It don’t despair if you fail to approach to your love, the rewards justify the effort, of that I can assure you! Listen to their advice.I hope this has been helpful.



Chnlove Club Dating Tips: I Have Too Many Admirers!

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Chinese Lady in Traditional Costume

I joined Chnlove Club two years ago, as I have always been attracted to oriental beauties. Like many other people, I was overwhelmed with a large number of admirers at the beginning, and have been trying to use a lot of discernment to find the right girl for me. Speaking from experience, I have some suggestions that I would like to share with guys like me.


Chnlove Club dating tips: Be honest with the ladies

Firstly, I would advise you to just be honest, but in a kind way. If you are talking about building a real future with one of these ladies, then it is not fair to let the other ladies feelings towards you grow! I get a real feeling that some of these ladies have had a hard enough time with the men in China and don’t want to have their hearts broken by foreign men. My advice is keep your options open but let the girls know what’s going on. They are probably in a similar situation themselves. You may even consider hiding your profile to stop receiving further admiration letters from ladies.

Chnlove Club dating tips: Ask them difficult questions

You need to think about who seems the most genuine, not only who is the most attractive, as what the lady will want is a life-long commitment. Looks fade, but a genuine soul of a person is with you for life. Ask them questions like: Where do you see yourself in 5 years and in what county? Are you really open minded towards starting a new life away from your friends and family? These are hard questions, but you will find out who is genuine and which of these ladies have not thought things through properly!


A common misconception about Chinese women

As western men, the qualities that we are most attracted to in oriental women is their natural femininity and apparent submissiveness. This is very deceptive. In reality Chinese women rule the household, control the purse strings and thereby control the relationship. This is the glue that has kept Chinese families together for thousands of years. The fact that you feel badly about yourself shows that you are drunk with false sense of power from getting so much attention and the belief that you are the one actually in control in the relationship. The sense of attachment that you believe they have towards you is in reality your sense of attachment to them. So you really need to ask some tough questions to see if they are truely interested in getting to know you or are only interested in a one way ticket out or a sugar daddy. Otherwise, it will be you who will be heartbroken!


My Experience on Chnlove.com

Actually I was pretty interested in oversea love relationship, coz I am one of having this relationship before and now my wife is applying the immigration visa to Canada. Well, I am happy with sharing my personal experience with you guys, and I think I am lucky to meet my Chinese woman on Chnlove.com. Perhaps it would give you some ideas about getting a Chinese woman.


Are you looking for me?


About me on Chnlove.com

Um…actually I am a 49 years old plumber this year, the relationship with my wife began 4 years ago. I divorced with my ex-wife when my boy was 5 years old, he lived with me after that. Now he grew up and went to America for his anthropology research, it sounds a bit difficult for me to understand his research. Perhaps here is a gap between X and Y generation.

Ok, about my Chinese woman, our first time to know each was on Chnlove.com. My son went to America for a year at that time. I live alone in Canada, I go to work everyday. Sometime I feel lonely at home, I want someone can talk to me anytime. Then, I went to different dating sites for making friends. One day I saw a Chinese woman who was 42 years old, I can feel her honest on her fact. Actually she isn’t that petty but appearing sincere eyes sign, and her profile is a bit similar with mine, divorced and have a boy. That was the first time I used Cupid note to send my interest to a Chinese woman, and lucky I got feedback. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep in touch after the first note for nearly a year, I even unemployed in late november 2008. Well, she was the first Chinese woman I sent the note and got feedback.

Come on! that was the first time I through I hadn’t got a family and live alone! I really remembered her and tried to contact her by EMF mail. I just asked her about daily life, then she told me she lost her job in March 2008, she was busy with looking for a job! Since the first EMF mail, we contact each other like once a month. We talked about just simple things in our daily lives. We tried to understand each other deeper via emails.

My decision to meet my Chinese women



You are my decision!


Two years later, I went to China and met my Chinese woman at Guangzhou airport, and she looked a little bit shorter than I thought. Anyway, she went to Guangzhou to pick me up, coz she normally live in Zhongshan. That is the first time I met her in person. I stayed in Zhongshan for 2 weeks and lived with her family. I can understand why I didn’t receive any feedback from her since the first Cupid note, coz she was busy with working to survive and taking good care of her mum and a 12 years old son. What a hard working Chinese woman! Well… after those three weeks, we knew each other better then I came back to Canada, still keep in touch by email and phone. A particular point I want to say, she went to learn some basic English, so I also learnt some simple Chinese from her, as thus we can call each other sometimes.

I went to China again in Christmas 2011, we married in China. Now she is applying her permanent resident visa to Canada. Our process to know each other did take time and finally we married! So I really trust the Chnlove.com, it did bring me a real Chinese wife. Hopefully my personal experience can give you some tips about Chinese women, and you can find your wife soon!


Chnlove Club Dating Tips: What do Chinese Women Think about Age Difference?

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Chinese Beauty from Chnlove Club

I have been a member of Chnlove Club for a few years now, and I had positive responses from a lot of Chinese women who are 15 to 20 years younger than myself. Like other Chnlove members, I often wonder what Chinese women really feel about older men, and here are a few thoughts I have on this issue.

What do the ladies in Chnlove Club feel about older men?

From my own experience, I think most Chinese women seem to place more value on characteristics such as maturity, honesty, stability and commitment than they do on a specific age group. They are much more tolerant of age difference than women in the United States.

Some websites list the age preferences of the ladies, but this is info not always useful, as many ladies might be willing to marry an older man, but they are not going to reveal this fact by mentioning a certain maximum age in their profiles, because older men of any age vary greatly in their appearance and inner youth. Many women are looking for partners their age or a bit older, and some are quite open to the idea of falling love with a considerably older man. With Chnlove Club, you have to send her up-to-date pictures in the first letter, stating clearly your age, and by the second letter ask her if her parents have any objections to her marrying an older foreigner. Please bear in mind that even if the girl likes you, her parents may reject large age difference and believe me, many of the parents do reject a man who is way older than the girl….But that said, the girl will easily overlook the age issue as long as the character of the man makes up for it.

Watch out for the real intentions of the ladies

Of course any woman in any country would like to marry someone closer to their age. Within 10 years is the maximum. There are always exceptions to the rule.There are circumstances where a woman would opt for a much older man. You have to be careful if this is the case and must beware of her real intentions. I have encountered quite a few ladies who are disillusioned with Asian men of their own age group, and are willing to entertain the idea of a mature partner. Asian women are generally very faithful to their husbands, but with a much older husband, they will expect some kind of financial security as widows, because they can hardly re-enter the job market after returning to China at age 50 or 60.