This article is all about dating on CharmingDate.com.

Online Dating Industry

The number of dating sites and the kinds of marriage and agency sites are numerous. Over the years the online dating springs up all over the world, especially the Russian dating websites.


CharmingDate.com is the dating site launched since 2004. Up till now, it belongs to one of the best Russian dating site. There is a full set of communication tools for single women and men to keep in contact. You can write emails, use live chat service, make phones calls, or use the live video chat service to talk face to face or you can pay a visit to the Russian or Ukraine girl for marriage online by applying the Cupid Date service.

CharmingDate.com Instant Call

If you are a member of the site, you must know that it is a specialized site —a platform for single gentlemen to meet single and beautiful Ukraine and Russian girls for love and marriage. You have to pay to use some of the main services just as many other paid dating sites. When we search on google, we can find a lot of free dating sites. Will you use one? It is free. This is the biggest merit of free ones. However, many of their members lack commitment. If you use a free one, you won’t tell a lot about yourself and your match criteria. Many of them just browse or use them for fun. So the chances of successful dating is slim. And it relys on the advertisement clicks for their running revenue.

Dating Russian Women On CharmingDate.com

Dating sites like CharmingDate.com have a full time staff to aid in providing best quality service for male and female members. So many can find their perfect match on the site. It generates revenue and keep profitable by charging some fees for offering the services.

With the guide of the site staff and their work, it is simple to use it. It is a good one for those single men who have determined to get married to a girl from Russia, Ukraine , and who are for Easter European brides. If you don’t have such a dream, don’t pay to use the site. In case that you are curious, just sign up and you can browse all the information about single women. All in all, if you have begun your hunt for love, keep on. It is worth using the site to find love.


Unique Beauties Of Chinese Women From Different Cities On ChnLove

Women in China are ever-changing directly with modern information, just like cities. Benefit from open society, they reflect the charms and beauties of women greatly different from that of the past. If you understand and learn about Chinese women from the perspective of development, you will know nothing about them. What’s more important is that deep understanding can better help your dating Chinese girl on ChnLove.
The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants. Women from different regions and cities in China vary greatly and all of them have their own charms and beauties. And confident, outgoing and optimistic women are everywhere in China. But once they come back home from their place or get together with their friends, the unique and innate local characters and beauties give a great performance. Different cites see different characters and beauties of Chinese women.

Chinese Girl From Guangdong
Women in Guangdong

Guangzhou women are good at making soup. No matter how late their spouse come home, they will serve a bowl of soup. Besides, they are known for their being fond of playing and having fun but they also pursue quality life. Travelling and sports are the most popular activities.

Beijing Girl, China
Women in Beijing China

Beijing women are candid and conventional. For one thing, Their love is comparatively real. Love has nothing to do with hate and love is never forced. For another, they are very frank towards their lovers. Say and do what they think. They have a strong sense of superiority and cannot resist the temptation of white collars and millionaires so that they would give anything to achieve their objectives. What’s more, they are deep-rooted in cultural backgrounds and open to modern ideas. As informed people, they have their own ideas. Correspondingly they easily deal with social occasions. Beijing women are good at words but modest. Moreover, Beijing women are never greedy for money. If they love you, they love you passionately.Beijing women are good wives, right hand of their husband.

Women From Sichuan, China

Women in Sichuan, China

Sichuan is known for its beauties. There women do not like heavy makeup.and they are born beautiful and pretty. But they like talking a lot regardless of chatting and quarrelling and men become listeners. Compared with women in other cities, they are realistic. They hate abstract thinking and always leave the problem of increasing the earnings of family to their men.

Women from Northeast China(Hei Longjiang, Jiling, Liaoning)

Boldness and straightforwardness are their unique characters. Never hiding their feelings, they deal with people kingly and sincerely so that they cannot bear being deceived. While preserving old traditions they are open too. They manage their households industriously and thriftily. What’s more, they are tender and considerate to men.

Shanghai Girl for marriage at ChnLove.com
Women in Shanghai, China

Shanghai women are the best at making themselves up and gathering their own beauties.. Fastidious and romantic, they are after fashion and have international ideas. Their feelings and love are very profound. They tell their own stories just like others. In life they behave smartly and will not be easily deceived. In addition, they are good at mastering their men and know well the disposition and mind of men.

Single Women In Shangdong, China
Women in Shangdong, China

Women in Shangdong own almost all the traditional virtues of China: kindness, honesty, thrifty and simplicity. They have a strong sense of family responsibilities. They are know as the most filial people in China. Their strong body does not influence their charms and graces, though you cannot see their tenderness. Old culture of thousands of years have brought up their virtues and it is a great boon of a man if he marries a woman in Shangdong, China.


ChnLove Review: Difference Between Chinese and Western Women

Chinese Christmas Girls

Share Your Christmas Spirit With Your Dreamed Chinese Girl on ChnLove.com!

As China continues to open to the outside world, mixed marriage becomes more and more popular. Many western men wish to marry Chinese women because they are skinny, pretty, and sexy. Although lots of western girls are pretty and sexy too, the way to express beauty is quite different due to the disparity of culture and national conditions. Here are some major difference between Chinese women and western women-ChnLove Review.

1. Chinese women tends to be more tolerant.

Chinese women are more willing to bear the burden of hard work. The American women prefer complaining, while the Chinese ones, especially those women who live in the rural areas, are more contained with few complains when treated unfairly. Besides, Chinese women are more tolerant to their husbands compared with their western counterparts. Few wives in China will divorce with their husbands who have love affairs with other women, while, to western wives, cheating is absolutely intolerant and in most of the cases, divorce is the only solution.

2. Chinese women for marriage lay more emphasis on their husbands.

Western women will value their own freedom and happiness most. They will never love boyfriends more than themselves. In this term, Chinese women are quite opposite–they love their husband far more than themselves. When Chinese woman fall in love with a man, she will devote all to the man, mentally and physically. Although some Chinese women are as smart as their husbands, they still want to let their husbands to take the lead in the family and show enough respects.

3. Chinese women will be more cautious in finding their life partner.

In the eyes of western women, marriage is a private matter and no one can intervene without permit. They have the right to live with the person they like. But once they find that their marriage is a mistake, they will make the second choice, because it is brutal to force two people who don’t love each other any more to live together. Compared with them, Chinese women wish to live with their husband in their lifetime once they get married. For them, marriage is very important and once a Chinese woman commits to her partner she does so for life.

Therefore, Chinese women are always cautious and prudent to choose their husband. Even though she really loves him, she would take his characters, education, health and career into account, because it is a decision that will determine her life. However, Chinese women can not spend much time to look for their Mr. Right as well. They will face huge pressure from society and family if they haven’t got married when they are over Thirties. For western women, this kind of pressure is nowhere to find. No matter how old they are, they always have pursuers. Chinese women seldom have pursuers when they get old.

Chinese women believe more in fate than western women, they believe no matter whom they will marry to; it must be the arrangement of the God. Are you that predestined gentleman to give happiness to these beautiful Chinese girls? Search your special lady on Chnlove now.


ChnLove Christmas 2012 Sweepstakes

Christmas 2012 is coming soon. For the benefits of old members and singles who are considering using Chinese dating sites to look for their match girl from China. ChnLove is organizing Christmas 2012 Sweepstakes on FaceBook. Join our sweeptakes to win credits used for contact with the most beautiful Chinese girl in your heart.

ChnLove Christmas 2012 Sweepstakes

ChnLove Christmas 2012 Sweepstakes

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Don’t wait. Join our activity and get free credits. Make this Christmas 2012 extra special for your Chinese girlfriend though you are not with her. Chat with her, send an email to her, live chat with her to let your future Chinese bride know that you miss her and you are with her on this holiday full of love and happiness.

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CharmingDate.com Reviews

CharmingDate.com Reviews
This article is about CharmingDate.com reviews on different aspects of the dating site by Dating Reviews & Antiscams. It is newly updated. Read it carefully and have a happy and successful date with Ukrainian hot girls or gorgeous Russian women.

It is a dating site for the global single guys to look for their ideal match in Russia and Ukraine. From the day it was created in 2004 it has been responsible for most of the date and cross-cultural marriage between western men and Russian and Ukrainian girls. The all aspects related to dating and its members are developing.

CharmingDate.com Reviews: More Choices

It has been operating for more than 8 years. Based on its services and popularity there are more and more members on the site. They are beautiful women from all places of Russia and Ukraine and other countries in Easter Europe. Most of them are highly educated and own intelligence and beauty. Their ages are in a great variety ranging from 19 to 50. Among thousands of women’s profiles you may come across some older women who have married once and some even have children. You can chat with anyone you like: you can chat with your matches; you can chat with your favourites; you can chat with online ladies or newest ladies. In addition, there are more dating services you can use. There are Admirer Mail, EMF e-mail, Cupid Note, Love Call(Instant Call), Live Chat(Live Video), Gift & Flowers, Cupid Date and Visa Services. You have more choices and options to chat and communicate with your special girl. So use the ways to date the girl you want to set up a healthy relationship.

CharmingDate.com Reviews: Better Services

During the eight years the site has accumulated useful and seasoned experience ranging from choosing cooperated match making agency, verifying its members, ensuring the quality services to its members, etc. to improving its online dating services. It has made strict rules and regulations as to selecting trusted local matchmaking agencies. What’s more, it has invented a new system of authentication and verification on its members directed at the worries of online dating scams from its members. All profiles of women must go through the verification and authentication procedure. For example, single women must provide the scan of their identification documents and many other rules. For the male members they can receive quality service from the site and its cooperated organizations. They can have a more reassuring and efficient date with their girls. In view of the privacy of male members’ information, the site has developed a Personal Privacy and Date Disposal Policy to make sure that the information of its male members is protected.

To put all together, with the passage of time CharmingDate has offered its male members more choices and better services. It is growing bigger and bigger around the world. As a sister site of ChnLove, CharmingDate is a big success in the industry of online dating. So what to wait? Just go ahead for your life partner and soul mate.


Chnlove Date: How do Chinese and Western Gentlemen See Chinese Women?

Chinese women from Chnlove

the Peacock Queen on Chnlove

Most of Chinese women sometimes would be regarded as passive, indecisive and weak. While as my observation from another group of modern women, they are entirely a different style and taste. They “rush out of Asia and march into the world”, they marry western gentlemen. In the ancient time, Chinese women were forced to travel a long distance to marry men for a country’s peace. While nowadays, modern women take their initiatives to find their true happiness. Chnlove date is becoming more and more popular. In the eyes of Chinese and Western gentlemen, Chinese women differ a lot in many aspects. Below, let ‘s get deeper into the specific differences.

Different Opinions on the Ages of Chinese Women

There is a distinct feature among Chinese men, no matter they are 20, 30, 50 or even 80 years old, they tend to be fascinated by ladies in 20 to 30, they would like to date and marry Chinese women in this age range. I don’t think these ladies are all innocent and easy-manageable. Actually, they are powerful in their survival ability, creativity ability and physical ability. From this point of view, Chinese men seems to be brave enough to set their targets on young women in 20s and 30s. In contrast, western gentlemen regard this differently. They tend to prefer women who have very similar ideas and values in life as them. As to the age, ladies can be in their ages, can be far more older than them., age is not an important element to them.

Their Diverse Opinions on the Chnlove Women With Children

Another big difference between Chinese and western culture is attitude towards children. Chinese men pay high attention to carry on their family generation, they only value their own children. In a society with high divorce rate, they prefer single Chinese women with no children, as they regard the children as a burden. While in western counties, gentlemen focus on raising rather than caring about whose children they are. When they get married with their beloved ladies, they also welcome children from their wives’ former marriages. Using their words, to marry a wife is as to buy a Rolex watch, the children are clocks they get as a gift, they have made a profit.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese women turn to find western gentlemen as their love partners, as we can see that so many international marriages flourish. Because western gentlemen have virtues that Chinese men do not have. Except for good characteristics mentioned above, western gentlemen are gentle and considerate, they always generously express their love to their favourite ladies by speaking out “darling”, “sweet heart”, “I love you”, etc. Most women like honeyed words, especially after handling chores for husbands and children.


What You Must Know About Girls In Shanghai (Part I )


Many western men want to marry Chinese girls. Among them girls in Shanghai have the unique characteristics and dispositions. If you want to date Chinese girls from Shanghai, it is good for your Chinese marriage. This article deals with what you must know about them before you begin your dating on Chinese dating sites.

Shanghai----the big city

Shanghai—-the big city





As an international metropolis of China, Shanghai is at the crossroads of Eastern and Wstern cultures. Her history and background put a decision to the women living in her. It is certain to any other city in China. Their thinking, behaviour and even manner carry the hallmark of Shanghai. Only by reading them can you understand its history of more than one hundred years.




Girls In Shanghai—A Combination Of Beauty And Charm.

excellent Chinese women from Shanghai

excellent Chinese women from Shanghai


Shanghai is a city of immigration and there are many advantages. The skin of girls in Shanghai is delicate, soft, fair and white face and they have slim figures and lovely features. Because of the historical reasons Shanghai girls are very creative in synergizing the best of Eastern and Western cultures, and seeking a new direction amidst the clashes and contradictions. The large numbers of cross cultural marriages between western men and girls in Shanghai and the special favor of foreign people have witnessed their ever-lasting charms. They are smart and clever whether it is their language or dressing up or their attitude in dealing with problems. To take the popular Qipao as an example, only in Shanghai can you see beautiful Chinese women in Qipao everywhere—in shopping departments, at restaurants and in cars. The traditional Chinese dress cannot conceal their ambitions.



Due to the deep and far reaching of western colonial culture and great metropolis the Chinese women in Shanghai are forever drawn by two carriages: the MATERIALA and the MENTAL. As a result, they have the distinctive charms and beauties. It is because of their indescribable attraction that they are the dream brides of many western guys and Chinese singles.


Beautiful Chinese girl from Shanghai looking for her true love

Beautiful Chinese girl from Shanghai looking for her true love

Their charms and beauties are demonstrated in three aspects. The first one is smartness, which is well-known to the world. Their smartness includes the elements of intelligence, curiosity, kindness and respect. The second one is ambition. They are ready to be the spotlight of the people at streets. They are experts at expressing themselves and like to be arresting. The last one is their unique disposition. The fascination thing and beauty of their disposition is hard to define and imitate. They are actively involved with the traditions and modern styles. They think about them, challenge them and make them their own.

For more information about Chinese women from Shanghai, please follow my posts.



How To Show Love To Your Hot China Girl?


If you find your dream China girl online and have dated her on Chinese dating site for a period, you have fallen in love with her and you are worried about what to do to get your relationship serious and make her know your love. On the one hand, you worry about the possible result your relationship becomes no better than before for the way in which your declaration of love. On the other hand , you are eager to be closer to her. Don’t worry and now explore several best ways to show your love to your China women.


Beautiful Chinese girl for marriage on chnlove

Beautiful Chinese girl for marriage on chnlove


Care about the family and friends of your hot China girl

When chatting online, talk about her family members and her favourite friends. If her parents are upset, try your best to help them. Always be considerate towards her. Gradually, she will accept you as her boyfriend. Women in China are family-oriented. Moreover, If you want to marry your dream Chinese bride, you had better try your best to please her family and friends.


Sending flowers to your Chinese girlfriend through Internet dating service

It is known that all women like flowers and men don’t send flowers or gifts for no reason. If you love the China woman you are dating, send her flowers or handmade cards or gifts to celebrating and freshening your love now and then.


Find some time to chat regularly.

Make an agreement to chat or calling her on Asian dating site and set the time. Always be punctual for your meeting and chatting online. Hang on every word she says and notice her wants and needs. She will know that you wants a serious relationship and take an great interest in her.


Spell your love out to the girl you are dating online

It is the simplest way to show your love. However, it is also the most dangerous way. Because you must choose the most proper time. When is the best time, it remains for you to measure. Make full preparations for the occasion with your China love.

Apart from those,visiting her by yourself and planning a surprise are also good ways. Additionally, if you have time and if permitted, cook for her and enjoy the fabulous meals and romantic evening with her. To sum up, it is your actions and efforts that matters a lot in your Chinese date. For your dream Chinese wife, show your love to her and don’t let a day go by without doing anything.