A Great Place To Travel With Your Chinese Girlfriend—-Zhang Jiajie

Zhang Jiajie locates in northeast of Hunan Province and it is a place of interest in China. Every year it draws thousands of tourists at home and abroad. Women mainly from Japan, America and South Korea have travelled with their lover. However, for Chinese girls they may not have travelled to Zhang Jiajie though they have heard a lot about the beautiful scenery in Zhang Jiajie and very much want to visit it. Because they want to travel with their true love and Chinese single women feel unsafe with other people or want to leave a treasure memory with her other half which they can regard as a pledge of love and a forever memory.

If you want to travel with your China lady, the city of Zhang Jiajie is a excellent choice. It is a ecology tourist destination.There are many attractions in the city.


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

a great place to share with your girlfriend

a great place to share with your girlfriend


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is ranked world 5A. It is the first natural park in China.The park was officially included in the United Nations of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations as “World Inheritance” in December,1992. It has a size of 390 square kilometers. There are about 3000 unusual mountains, 800 small rivers, many deep canyons,and unique caves, plants and animals in the park. It is really a great place to travel. In the park,you can see many beautiful sights,such as 3000 unusual mountains,800 small rivers,deep canyons,special caves,forests and many kinds of plants and animals. In the park there are many scenic spots for you and your Chinese girl to enjoy. So maybe in one day you cannot enjoy the scenery to the fullest and you can stay in a hotel with your Chinese girlfriend. Most famous scenic spots are Gold Whip Stream, Wulong Zhai, Yang Jiajie, Yellowstone Village and many others. There is a Tongxin Lock(two people love each other very much and understand each other well). Here you can take a photo with your partner. With the beautiful background it can be a valuable photo.


Zhang Jiajie Yellow Dragon Caves

Yellow Dragon Caves

Yellow Dragon Caves

There are many wonderful and interesting rock formations such as stalactites and stalagmites, columns and curtains. There are many caves there and they are different from one another.


Zhang Jiajie Tianmen Mountains

a great place to take a picture with your Chinese girlfriend

a great place to take a picture with your Chinese girlfriend

If you visit it, you will be surprised at the significance and grandness of the mountain.


Zhang Jiajie Grand Canyon

The grandness of Zhang Jiajie Grand Canyon is beyond words. If you have the opportunity to go to Zhang Jiajie, it is a must. It is near Zhang Jiajie National Forest Park.


Zhang Jiajie Tujia Customs and Cultural Park

There you can study one of the oldest customs and traditions in China. You study with your girlfriend and together mould temperature and have fun.

Of course, there are more attractions to come. If you want to have a tour to Zhang Jiajie, take your girlfriend and you can have a more beautiful and fantastic time at the same further your relationship.


How Chinese Ladies Spend Women’s Day

Few days ago it was the Women’s Day and I was happy to have half day off relaxing and enjoying the right of being a female. The international festival for female reminds people the importance of women and claims women’s right and equality in the society which began since 8th  March, 1909. However, it did not get people’s attention in the old China, then with Chinese women getting outside home and being involved into work like men, women in China began to enjoy the big day truly and eventually. Companies would give the female staff half day holiday to relax and enjoy being as a woman. How the Chinese ladies spend their the half day? Let’s find it out.

idea1 for women's day

It’s a good idea to go shopping and dinner with close friends at Women’s Day.

1.Shopping and dinner with close friends. This must be the first choice for the Chinese singles. You know, girls like shopping. Discount activities are everywhere, in malls, supermarkets, restaurants and so on. They will go to buy makeup in cosmetics shop, shoes, clothes or other girls’ stuff in the department stores or some fashion shops and snack food in supermarkets, then finally it is already time for a big diner.

doing facial

to boil yourself by doing facial

2.Doing facial, manicure or massage treatments. Nowadays beautiful Chinese girls pay attention to keeping young, healthy and beautiful. So facial, manicure and massage treatments should be in the list of Women’s Day relaxing activities.


Enjoy a complete fun via Karaoke!

3.Karaoke. Who don’t love music? None! Call friends and party time for singing or shouting songs. Some English songs originally sung by Beatles, Westlife, Michale Jason, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and other international pop singers are our favourite, big love.

Doing Gym

To keep fit via Gymnastics

4.Sports. This is the most healthy way to spend the half day. Chinese office ladies always sit in the office-room and have little time to doing sports. So it’s good to enjoy the leisure time in this healthy way.

idea5 for women's day

If you’re tired, stay at home and keep a good rest.

5. Be a dwelling female. Some girls would like to relax with herself. They prefer to staying home, doing reading, listening songs, watching favourite videos or surfing the internet. Briefly, you can do whatever you happy to do and just relax.

Apart from having a half day off, male friends or colleagues will celebrate this special day in their own way. They will text women a message, make a call, sent her flowers, little gifts or buy her a dinner. If you are her boyfriend, you can ever cook the meal for her by yourself. Daughters and sons will show love to their mothers too. They will buy her some healthy products or share some housework.

Now you know how Chinese women go with Women’s Day and remember to give your China love a surprising 8th March next year.


Tips for Him: Dating Asian Girls

Hi, do you want to meet Asian girls dating Caucasian men? Then you are reading the right article. We know that interracial marriage is not a new thing. During the ancient times, intermarriages had been practiced. Today, with the help of the technology and internet, interracial dating and marriage become easier.

However, even if finding a date is just one click away, still you need to research the background and even the culture of the person that you are about to date. This is because people from different countries have different background, character and culture that define them as an individual. Asian women have varied characteristics. For example, Chinese women are different from Japan, Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Pakistani, Filipino, and other Asian ladies.

So before you jump out of the boat, find out first what kind of Asian woman you are about to date. Again, know her culture and her distinguishing qualities as a woman. Once you know the basic information about the Asian woman you preferred to date, the next thing is to remember the golden rule, be honest.

Asian women are not naïve. They will discover if a man is no being truthful. They are very keen and observant. If they will see inconsistency of your behavior and the things that you said to them, they will simply cut and run. They will not speak to you anymore.

Asian women are also very reserved. Do not try to advance yourself to them, and immediately touch them or kiss them, or even seduce them to bed. Even if you flirt on them and they flirt back a little does not mean that they are ready to go to bed with you. It is a simple gesture that they like you but it does not give you a green signal to get a room somewhere.

Go out to have fun than being too obsessed with your goal to nail her and bring her home as your bride. Asian women like a man who knows how to have fun. These ladies are fun-loving people. The Asian girls dating a foreigner want to see if they can be compatible with the man before they will decide to marry the person.

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Will Your Relationship Last?

Trust, Love and Commitment are the three main building blocks of relationships. It’s one thing to be in love and a completely different thing to be able to make that relationship last long. Run through the checkpoints below to find out how much you really love your Chinese girl and if your relationship with her will stand the test of time or not.

1. Real communication: There is a difference between casually talking to each other and actually ‘communicating’. Observe how often you talk with your Chinese girl about important issues like the future of your relationship, your careers, each other’s family and so on. This is a solid marker of how far your relationship will go.

2. Difference in opinion: Fights are common in couples and sometimes they are actually good because they bring more closeness. But does every conversation of yours end up in a fight? If there is a fight, who makes up? If there is a disagreement about something, do you accept your differences mutually or do you end up becoming intolerant of each other’s approaches and thoughts? If the answer to most of the questions is negative, then it’s an indicator that you will have to learn to respect each other’s way of thinking and ‘agree to disagree’.

3. Talk about the future: Being in love is all about dreaming for the future and making castles in the air. Many couples are afraid of addressing the future thinking it’s a commitment in disguise, but some amount of wishful thinking about your future together is important for your love to last.
4. How much do you know about her: Irrespective of how long you have been in love with each other, the more you know of small things about each other – the more your relationship is likely to last. It’s not only about remembering the birthdays and the anniversaries, it’s about remembering what he likes for breakfast, what color she prefers, what fragrance he wears and so on.

5. Accepting flaws: Your Chinese girl should accept you the way you are and vice versa. If you observe that your girl never complains about your shortcomings and always tries to work her way around it – you know that you’re in for a long lasting relationship. Bickering over small habits of each other always proves to be a deal breaker in the long term relationship.

6. Trust: If you keep checking about your Chinese girl’s whereabouts, you’re likely to be less in love and more likely to be in possession of your partner. If you are constantly thinking about what your giel is doing, then the relationship will start suffocating both of you very soon. Make sure that both of you trust each other to such a point that the question of “Who were you with” never arises.

7. Being expressive: When you and  your Chinese girl start dating, everything is nice and perfect – flowers, chocolate and other tokens of love are showered onto each other. But this has to last. Make sure that you regularly express your love to your girl– through words, gifts or actions. If you are in the habit of doing this and not taking each other for granted as your relationship progresses, both your love and relationship will surely last long.

Your relationship with Chinese girl will prove to be long lasting if you don’t take each other for granted for all the points mentioned above. If you have love, truthfulness and sincerity towards each other, you both will surely be secure. Good Luck.

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Tell Your Chinese Girlfriend’s Son You are Dating His Mother

To keep pace with Chnlove Mother’s Day Promotion-Program, we prepared a series of articles that concern dating single-mom ladies. Here we would like to share our opinion on how to tell your Chinese girlfriend‘s chile you are dating his/her mother.

No one wants to be the evil stepfather, but that may suit you fine unless you at least attempt establish a relationship with your Chinese girlfriend’s Chils. You should be open and honest to treat this little child, and first of all, you should choose a casual time to tell him/her you ate dating his/her mother. Here’ s how.

When communicating with a Chinese single-mom lady via mail, try to learn more her child – the child’s gender, age, interest, etc and pay more attention on her child’s need. You know, most of Chinese women care very much about their Child, so topic about Child can also make them happy.

Then when you come to China to see your Chinese girlfriend, please do not ignore her Child. You can bring a little gift for him/her, and take him/her on an outing you know his/her enjoys, then establish a fun, easy pace for this day, getting him/her to open up and trust you. In your conversations, you can subtly begin to bring his/her mother – your Chinese girlfriend. Try your best to get the little child to admit how wonderful his/her mother is, then tell him/her you agree she is so wonderful, which is why you are hanging around and will continue to hang around because you may even fall in love with her. What’s more, you can tell him/her the added bonus of dating such a wonderful woman is that she has such a wonderful Child. Make sure the Child knows he/she matters to you and you’re not just going to ignore him/her.

Do not worry about having no experience with Child. We’re all big Child inside. Were you ever a kid? So you do have some experience! Don’t be afraid to get down on your hands and knees and run around with her little ones. If you love your Chinese girlfriend, loving her Child will come naturally. She is single mom doesn’t mean she’s looking for Mr. Super Dad. She’s looking for someone who has the ability to completely and totally love her child. Instead of viewing the child as an impediment to more frequent dates, look for ways you can all have fun together!

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Will You Date Chinese Women With Children?

Mother’s Day (May 8, 2011) is quickly approaching. Let’s take care of some special Chinese women – “single – mom lady” in this warm season. Would you mind dating a woman with Children?

According to a recent survey, more and more gentlemen favor to date single mothers. Out of five thousand men, forty eight percent find single mothers more motivated and mature in nurturing a relationship. Twenty-five percent want or choose to date single mothers for the reason that single mothers are faced with a demanding and hectic schedule which making them a stronger person, and seventeen percent said that when they dated a single mom, it was an opportunity seeing the woman care for her children and that is such a wonderful sight.

If you have met a Chinese woman (on Chnlove.com) who is a single mom, you love her profile, her photo but you are not ready to start relationship, you may have a look for following reason:

1. A single-mom lady already knows what are her priorities and definitely will not let go of her children’s happiness for a man. Therefore, when she chooses to date a man, the man must be real special.

2. Single-mom ladies are strong, having had gone through raising her children alone. They are independent, have a direction in life and very confident.

3. Single-mom ladies value the quality of time, and this sets them apart. When they date a man or in a relationship, they often make the most out of that moment, and value their time spent together.

4. Single-mom ladies give importance and cherish lasting relationships. They do not just fill time when dating, as they need to decide on doing something for them at the same time accomplishing the task of being a father and a mother to her kids. To the man searching for a lasting and true relationship, the single mom is perfect.

5. They approach dating with sincerity and not just a segment of a sequence of worthless dates or that which sprouts from one’s fear of loneliness.

6. Single-mom ladies relish their time when alone on a date and appreciate a simple evening, giving more importance of your time spent together, and not on how grand it is. This makes them fun to date.

7. Dating Chinese women with children would entail so much than dating single women. However, should you really like a single-mom lady and is willing to give the relationship a shot, then go for it. The single mom has many good qualities worth knowing and she has many good values worth your time. Let her kids be not of hindrance to you. As long as there is understanding, patience, dedication and love, you will both have a lasting relationship that you both will enjoy in the coming years.

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Dating in China vs Dating in NY

Dating Chinese girls is different from dating girls in New York. It is certainly more challenging, but it often turns out to be more rewarding. Chinese girls come from a different culture and a different continent, dating them successfully is possible only through specialized online dating sites like Chnlove.com, Asiamatch.com, etc.. Here are a few pointers on how Chinese dating can be different from dating in New York:

Chinese Girls Come from a Different Dating Culture
Chinese girls dating foreign men date for marriage alone. For them, marriage and making a family is one of the most important milestones in their lives. Girls from New York are happy to settle for relationships other than marriage.

Chinese girls are usually not fluent in English, and this makes communication with them somewhat more complicated than with American girls.

A Chinese girl would expect a man to pick up the tab, open doors, and be generally chivalrous: for them, dating is a formal affair. American women would rather go dutch, and take dating more casually than their Chinese counterparts.

There Aren’t Many Chinese Girls in New York
This might seem obvious, but the greatest difference in dating Chinese girls is that you will mostly meet them online. Though online dating is popular in New York, off-line dating is still available as an option.

To meet a Chinese girl, traveling to China is expected at some point of time in the relationship. This fact must be remembered when you begin to interact with a Chinese girl.

Chinese Girls are Different from American Girls
Chinese girls know how to balance their careers with their family lives, unlike the often extremely career oriented girls from New York. This makes Chinese girls better wives for a happy and fulfilling family life.

Chinese girls take meticulous care of their appearance, even as they get married and create a family. Unlike American girls who would often sacrifice looks for comfort, Chinese girls are always groomed and made up, and keep their youth longer.

When looked at in the long run, dating Chinese girls can be an insightful decision. Even though they require immediate investment in terms of time and dedication, dating and marrying a Chinese girl rather an American girl from New York can be a fulfilling experience.

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Golden Rules for Calling Your Chinese Girl

Listening to her voice means a little more than anything. – Since Chnlove had put out Lovecall service, many gentlemen show their interests about that. But sometimes, calling someone from another country can be intimidating and terrifying, so how to make the phone call to your Chinese girl vivid and efficient? Here are a few guidelines and pointers as you pick up the telephone:

1.Select the Right Time to Call
Pay attention to the equation of time and let your Chinese girl know when to expect your call. Don’t cold call her. Prior to calling, give a little advance notice. This will help you avoid catching her in the middle of washing their dog, their hair, etc! And because of varying work schedules, some Chinese girls are easier to reach in the mornings, whereas others prefer to receive calls in the evening, you should discuss it with her beforehand.

2.Show Enthusiasm and Be Polite
Don’t be afraid to reveal that you’ve looked forward to speaking with your Chiense girl. Be confident and talk to her like you’d talk to one of your old friend, but at the same time, please be respectful and polite. Even though you’ve already communicated for a lone time via EMF mail, the first phone call can serve as a first impression. When your girl answers the telephone, please introduce yourself. Don’t assume that the person will automatically recognize your voice. A great way to introduce yourself is, “Hi, this is XXX, I’m the man you met on Chnlove. I come from XXX, etc”.

3.Prepare a checklist of things to talk about.
It’s perfectly natural to feel self-conscious or worry about not saying the right thing when you’re interested in a girl, but keeping phone conversations smooth and natural are important to developing a relationship. It may help for you to preparea a checklist beforehand to avoid extended periods of dead air. Plan some funny anecdotes to tell the person about what’s been happening in your life, or keep in mind topics that you know she’s interested in, so you can always segue into a new subject if the conversation falters.  Preparing yourself with some “emergency” stories can help you feel more confident before your phone date, which can lead to a more effortless discussion.

4.Keep the conversation light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Be prepared to talk about your life, friends and family, hobbies and recent accomplishments. You should definitely avoid talking about your exes, politics, recently deceased relatives or pets or anything that makes you feel less than happy. Also, avoid any graphic conversation — it’s not cool. Chinese girls always like the sunny men.

5. Ask open-ended questions
When you’re dating a Chinese girl, strike a balance between sharing details of your life and asking questions about her life. It’s important to try to tell them what your life is like and how you’re thinking and feeling, but it’s also important to know how they think and feel about different topics. If you don’t know the person very well, this will help you assess whether you are both compatible, and it will also make the person you’re interested in know that you are considerate and care about getting to know him as an individual. While he is talking, be sure to listen attentively to his stories and ask follow-up questions.

6. Remember What’s Been Said
She’ll always remember what you said last, so did you. Make a mental note of the things that you talk with your Chinese girl, then you can keep on developing the relationship. If she mentions how much she would love to move to USA one day, bring up the topic of travel to USA during your next date or mention a newspaper article that you just read about USA’s distinctive cuisine. If you have had a number of positive phone calls with your Chinese girl, or are in a committed relationship with her, you can use the information you’ve learned about them over the phone to make real-life plans.

7.Use Chnlove Lovecall Service Instead of Normal Telephone
Chnlove LoveCall can let you manage all your phone communications with your wonderful Chinese women via translators just on any of your existing phones. With Chnlove Lovecall, you can talk with no language barrier, and you can make a call anytime, anywhere.

These are 7 golden rules to help you navigate your phone call with Chinese girls. With a little preparation, you’ll soon realize that that this was an easy call that you didn’t have to spend too much thought on but do it. For more information about Chinese girls and Chnlove, please visit Chnlove Official BLOG.