Chnlove Review:Meet Sexy Chinses Women During Chinese New Year Festivities

Chinese New Year is celebrated in Asia usually in the period between January 31 and February 6. But in 2018 it was celebrated on February 15, which is a rarity.

If you’re interested in Asian dating, then you better familiarize yourself with Chinese New Year traditions, as no sexy chinese girls will ever want a guy who thinks Chinese people celebrate New Year’s Eve on December 31. That’s a shame!

Asian Brides

Chinese women and men view the end of the year as the celebration of spring and welcome it with large-scale festivals and fairs. This is the period of time when Chinese people pay their respects to all their gods and ancestors.

In fact, if you’re interested in all asian mail order brides, not only the Chinese ones, having some knowledge about Chinese New Year would be valuable too, as this holiday is celebrated by the majority of the population in the East.

New Year in that period of time is celebrated in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Mauritius, Philippines and Malaysia.

Chinese New Year is the period of time when government establishments, universities, colleges, schools as well as many companies are closed, while various exhibits and shopping centers are opened.

So it’s probably one of the greatest opportunities for a foreigner to visit China with the goal to find a sexy Chinese wife. You wouldn’t even believe how many beautiful Chinese girls go out and spend time outside around that period of time: shopping, with their friends, clubbing, etc.

And naturally most of them are in the mood to meet new people (and that’s understandable, since the country celebrates the coming of spring!). Chinese dating sites are especially active in the period of time of Chinese New Year, as hundreds of thousands of Chinese women go looking for a man to spend the holidays with.

sexy Chinese woman

And you could easily become that man! Just go and browse through pictures of beautiful Chinese women on dating websites, and find yourself a perfect wife. Chinese women are known for their desire to always satisfy their man and always make sure he is happy in the relationship.

However, in no way does it mean that Chinese women will obey you and you can treat them however you want. No, all it means is that mature chinese ladies are perfect for marriage and dating, given the fact that they are such tender, caring and loving creatures.

For China women, dating is very special. Just like Chinese New Year is. And if an Asian girl is willing to spend Chinese New Year in the company with you, then she is certainly interested in you. Don’t you dare turn down her invitation to come to China, as inviting someone to their country is a rather intimate pleasure for Chinese people. Don’t disappoint her.

In the period of Chinese New Year, the streets of most Asian countries are filled with festivities, fun and laughter. It’s an absolute delight to be visiting China around that period of time, and, as mentioned above, one of the greatest opportunities to make friends and find an mail order asian brides.

So if you’re eager to find yourself a Chinese woman, go sign up on some Chinese dating site and start browsing through profiles of Asian beauties.

When you like some chinese ladies photos, make sure you check her entire profile and read as much as you can about her interests and preferences.

Chinese women love it when men pay attention to the tiniest of details. That’s what they love, that’s what they want from their man.


Taiwan, China–Hot Spring Destination for chinese mail order brides

Taiwan, China, is arguably one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the Beitou Hot Springs located in Taipei to find good health and leisure and to search for chinese women for marriage. Locals form the majority of visitors to this exquisite destination. A huge chunk of Chinese women finds these springs attractive thus spending a lot of time thechinese women for marriagere.

One of your best chances of getting a China girl or northern chinese women is to travel to Taiwan, a top hot spring destination in the world. Once in Taipei, reaching the hot springs is easy. The city has an extensive MRT train system that will help you reach Beitou conveniently and within a short time. This is arguably the best place to take you sexy chinese girls for a treat.

One interesting thing that will gladden you is that you can choose from different options how you are actually going to spend your time here. If you are the conservative type or your Chinese bride is not outgoing, you have the option of traditional baths. They are as relaxing, enjoyable and therapeutic as any other options, only that you fancy your privacy more or you don’t want to spend time with a lot of people.northern chinese women

There are also large outdoor pools which are popular with many hot chinese women. These are some sort of swimming pools, open to all guests. Of course, there are not secrets to hide here, but decency is expected from all guests. If you found your Chinese bride on a dating site, chances are she is young and / or of a modern mindset and will not mind relaxing in an outdoor hot water spring pool in Taiwan.

The last option is that of venues that resemble resorts. They are found within luxurious environments and offer spa services to complement the effects of the hot springs. Your Chinese girlfriend and you will spend time in a steamy environment with sulfur clouds. This is unique compared to the other two options. If you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban world and to cool down your mind, this is the right option for you.

Now you know it. If you are dating a sexychinesegirls or you are intending to have mail order asian brides, offer to take them to this hot spring in Taiwan and chances are you will be accepted wholeheartedly.


ChnLove Review: Chinese Marriage Customs

marry beautiful Chinese women

When marrying a Chinese wife, you need to follow Chinese Marriage Customs!

In China, marriage is considered to be one of the three most important things in one’s whole life.  To marry beautiful Chinese women, you need to go through several different steps traditionally. Along with the society’s progress and the transformation of people’s thinking, current Chinese marriage customs are not as complicated as the traditional ones. But no matter how it was changed, the atmosphere created during the wedding is invariant – being ceremonious, enthusiastic, jubilant and auspicious. Here I’d like to list some customs which are still maintained in China today, hope it would be helpful for you to make your sweet plans with your Chinese fiancee.

ChnLove Review on Chinese Marriage Customs

1. Betrothal gift presenting to your Chinese girlfriend’s family

Before getting married, people have to pay a formal visit to each other’s parents. When visiting the girl’s parents, the boy has to bring with him the betrothal gifts and money in order to show sincerity. In nowadays, betrothal gifts are usually golden or diamond jewelry. And the betrothal money differs from several thousands RMB to even hundreds of thousands depending on the boy’s financial condition. When the gifts and money are received, then both the girl and the boy are engaged. This was the grandest etiquette of the whole process of engagement. Prolific gifts are presented to the girl’s family, symbolizing respect and kindness towards the girl’s family as well as the capability of providing a good life for the girl.

2. Selecting the Wedding Date

When a new couple is engaged, what followed is a choice of the date of their marriage. Most people would favor a bank holiday or special Chinese festival for their relatives and friends to attend the wedding. However, quite a few others, especially those in the countryside, would probably ask a fortune-teller for a lucky date (usually an even number) so that their marriage would have “Double Happiness”.

3. Wedding ceremony with your Chinese bride to be

A formal Chinese wedding requires the bridegroom to pick up the bride at the bride’s home after respectfully greeted the parents-in-law to be. Then the bridegroom will take his bride to the banquet location (the groom’s home or a restaurant) and wedding ceremony begins. Usually all relatives and friends will be invited and they will wish the new couple with all the best. One of the climaxes of the wedding is the tea ceremony, during which the bride and groom serve tea to their elders in a demonstration of piety. The acceptance of tea also shows acceptance of the son-in-law or daughter-in-law into the family, and seals the union in the eyes of all present. And the couple will probably move from table to table toasting the guests.

These customs have been continued in China for many years. However in the modern days, many young people try to skip most of these rituals or ceremonies. Some of them even just spend 9RMB to do the marriage registration without a wedding. They do this either because they think that new generations should not be confined by these old traditions, or some do so just because of economical reasons of trying not to spend as much money as possible. Actually not matter how luxury or simple the wedding performs, happiness of the two parties involved is the most important. Isn’t it?


What You Must Know About Girls In Shanghai (Part I )


Many western men want to marry Chinese girls. Among them girls in Shanghai have the unique characteristics and dispositions. If you want to date Chinese girls from Shanghai, it is good for your Chinese marriage. This article deals with what you must know about them before you begin your dating on Chinese dating sites.

Shanghai----the big city

Shanghai—-the big city





As an international metropolis of China, Shanghai is at the crossroads of Eastern and Wstern cultures. Her history and background put a decision to the women living in her. It is certain to any other city in China. Their thinking, behaviour and even manner carry the hallmark of Shanghai. Only by reading them can you understand its history of more than one hundred years.




Girls In Shanghai—A Combination Of Beauty And Charm.

excellent Chinese women from Shanghai

excellent Chinese women from Shanghai


Shanghai is a city of immigration and there are many advantages. The skin of girls in Shanghai is delicate, soft, fair and white face and they have slim figures and lovely features. Because of the historical reasons Shanghai girls are very creative in synergizing the best of Eastern and Western cultures, and seeking a new direction amidst the clashes and contradictions. The large numbers of cross cultural marriages between western men and girls in Shanghai and the special favor of foreign people have witnessed their ever-lasting charms. They are smart and clever whether it is their language or dressing up or their attitude in dealing with problems. To take the popular Qipao as an example, only in Shanghai can you see beautiful Chinese women in Qipao everywhere—in shopping departments, at restaurants and in cars. The traditional Chinese dress cannot conceal their ambitions.



Due to the deep and far reaching of western colonial culture and great metropolis the Chinese women in Shanghai are forever drawn by two carriages: the MATERIALA and the MENTAL. As a result, they have the distinctive charms and beauties. It is because of their indescribable attraction that they are the dream brides of many western guys and Chinese singles.


Beautiful Chinese girl from Shanghai looking for her true love

Beautiful Chinese girl from Shanghai looking for her true love

Their charms and beauties are demonstrated in three aspects. The first one is smartness, which is well-known to the world. Their smartness includes the elements of intelligence, curiosity, kindness and respect. The second one is ambition. They are ready to be the spotlight of the people at streets. They are experts at expressing themselves and like to be arresting. The last one is their unique disposition. The fascination thing and beauty of their disposition is hard to define and imitate. They are actively involved with the traditions and modern styles. They think about them, challenge them and make them their own.

For more information about Chinese women from Shanghai, please follow my posts.



Attention: Single Chinese Women Hate To Date Such Man

Last weekend, I had a dinner with several close female friends. They are Chinese-born beautiful ladies. During the dinner, we talked about dating Chinese girls and what women in China like and dislike when they are asked out by men. My friends shared their own experience and the typical stories of their friends. Now I have made a summary and work out several DON’T that men should avoid when dating Chinese women. Hope it helpful to you guys.

Single Chinese Women Don’t Like Talkative Men

Chinese dating

Chinese women do not like talkative men

According to vast dating tips from the network, you are suggested to be positive and active, lead the conversation with interesting topics in order to avoid embarrassing silence. And that is not wrong, but make sure you are not overactive or talking too much. Remember it is communication, not a speech. You need to exchange ideas with her and get more understanding of each other. Besides, women themselves love speaking. They would rather find a boyfriend who is willing to hear her gossips. In China, many good looking girls tend to find this kind of men, who are plain, of medium height and maybe get a not high wage. Why? The majority of these men have nice personalities and they are a very good listener. So if you want to wake up her interest on you, then listen more to her and tell her your opinion and suggestion properly. Kids draw attention by endless speaking and jumping, but men by appropriate silence.

No! No! No!

Do you give a lot of NO or negative answers to a woman’s question? I suggest you should never do that any more. No one likes to find a boyfriend standing on the opposite site and expressing no approval all the time. And also Chinese ladies want to be pleased and favored. If you keep giving negative reactions to her, she may not show any resentful feeling during the date, but you will never see her again after that. However, it does not mean that you should Yes to all her ideas. It is alright to give a different opinion but in a gentle way instead of a forcing way. Do not begin your sentence with “I don’t think…”, “No, I…” or “But…”. Try these “Yes, you are right. And I …” ” You really have a special viewpoint on this. Most people just believe that…”. Be nice and gentle and ladies will be attracted by you.

Miserly, Excessively Frugal With Money.

Chinese date

Arrange a romantic Chinese date for her

I think it is a basic manner to buy woman a meal. A date is not just about talking and exchanging ideas. She will grade you by your behaviours. What you order for a meal and your attitude to spend money always have an important effect on her decision to go out again with you. China lady pays so much attention to this not because she worship rich men. In her eyes, if the guy is excessively frugal with money, he must be a mean selfish man. So order some drinks and food at reasonable price and pay the bill forwardly for a successful Chinese date.

Of course, there are still some common dating rules suitable for dating Chinese girls. For example never be late for the appointment. Bring flowers or small gifts to her. In short , I really  hope you can benefit from my tips and wish you a successful date with your Chinese girl.


Chinese Date Tips—-How To Express Love To Your Chinese Girls

Chinese date online has drawn increasing numbers of Chinese girls and western gentlemen. There are many things with regard to dating Chinese girls. Also Chinese dating is a process and there are different cares at different steps. Have a look at this article and it can help you date Chinese girls successfully.

Chinese Date

Chinese Date, An Amazing Experience to Undergo!

Chinese date online

In the first period of dating online, your understanding is mainly through language including chatting, calling and videos. Therefore, take care of your words. Get to know about some customs and traditions in China. For example, when your girl talks about some things in China, having a basic knowledge is of great help and it can make your conversation go on. You can get some information about sending gifts in China so that you can send your girls gifts at the appropriate time. In this way you two will have more smoothy conversation and they can make a big difference in the progress of your relationship. The common topic brings you two closer.

Dating Chinese girls after meeting by yourself

When you have successfully met your dating Chinese girl online, great strides have been made in your relationship. Now you must remember not to rejoice too soon. You should make more efforts for the coming dates in real life.

There are some occasions where it is not fit to use language to communicate but you really want to tell your dream Chinese girls? How? At these moments, Body language is the most useful means.


Looking deeply into her eyes. Remember not to stare. Just focus your eyes on her face or eyes. That is gazing at her with deep affection.


Smile but not artificial smiles. If you cannot make your smile and gaze appear and disappear at the same time, you had better practise in front of mirrors at home.


Square your shoulder no matter how busy or how tired you are. Show your manliness to let your Chinese woman make a good impression upon you. But pay attention and not to overdo. Otherwise, she may feel that you are arrogant.

To successfully date Chinese girls, the most important is you sincerity and true love. True love grows in the process of understanding and communication but sincerity is needed among the whole Chinese dating. Perhaps the girl you date turns out not to be your Chinese wife but please be honest and sincere in communicating with her. Once you fall in love with your dating girl, refer to the above tips and choose good ways to express your love.


Wedding Culture In China

A lot of western foreigners are fascinated with the Chinese culture and its long history. Some of these China big fans come a long way to study the Chinese language, its customs and people and even choose to settle down in China and find a Chinese wife. In that kind of atmosphere, dating Chinese girls  or marrying a Chinese woman become popular. While not all the foreigners have the chance to meet Chinese girls in their daily life, in that case they would like to get a Chinese girlfriend through internet dating sites, just like the Chnlove.com. Considering that China is a very traditional country and you want to marry a Chinese wife, I am here to provide you some information about Chinese wedding.

Chinese wedding culture

Chinese betrothal gifts

Chinese betrothal gifts Dowry or betrothal gifts. This is a particular social phenomena rooted in the traditional China culture. In the ancient China people send some cloth, seal and other things worthy as betrothal gifts to brides’ family expressing the thanks of raising girls from future husband to her parents. Then present China still keeps that custom but in a different way. People tend to give money as dowry but how much you should give is all depending on you. It is just one traditional Chinese way to show your gratitude to the family of your future Chinese wife.

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress Wedding dress. The traditional Chinese like the red colour! They regard it as the sign of happy and pleasant stuffs. Thus in the big wedding ceremony red things are seen everywhere, such red wedding dresses and red shoes. However, under the the influence of cross-culture, nowadays people in China like to have a western-style wedding, especially young people born after the 1980s.  China brides  think that wearing in the white wedding dress is so romantic and makes herself fell like the queen of that day. As a result, they will make it in the combination of Chinese and western styles. The bride will dress in white like the western brides waiting for her husband to take her home, then she will change to the Chinese traditional red wedding dress and red high-heels during the dinner time. As to the groom, it is much simpler. He is required to be in a suit and tie formally.

Chinese wedding party

Invite relatives and friends over for a big wedding dinner

Invite relatives and friends over for a big wedding dinner Invite friends and relatives over for a party dinner. About half a month before the wedding party, friends and relatives will receive an invitation card or just be informed by a phone call of the specific date and time to come over and get together, having dinner, drinking, chatting and celebrating the joy of a new marriage. One thing to keep in mind. Bring lucky money or some present. According to the Chinese custom, one should give the groom and bride a red envelop with some money in it to bless the marriage. But today some Chinese prefer to buy gifts like household electrical appliances to show blessing to the new couples.

Burning firecrackers and fireworks is a Chinese wedding tradition

Firecrackers bring more joy to the wedding

Firecrackers bring more joy to the wedding Firecrackers and fireworks. Whenever I hear the sound of burning firecrackers or see the beautiful firework shinning in the sky, I know it should be the big day for someone. Birthday of old parents, getting married, having a baby and so on, all of these pleasant things expect the exciting display of firecrackers and fireworks. But people living in the urban area are rarely allowed to burn these things in case of causing fire or hurting people. If you want to feel the very Chinese traditional merry atmosphere, come to countrysides where still have fun with firecrackers and fireworks.

Actually what I mentioned above just such a few of the Chinese wedding culture, but if you are interested in it, you can make a comment and I will answer you very soon. Hope this can help you build up smooth and good relation with your Chinese girlfriend or future wife.


How Chinese Ladies Spend Women’s Day

Few days ago it was the Women’s Day and I was happy to have half day off relaxing and enjoying the right of being a female. The international festival for female reminds people the importance of women and claims women’s right and equality in the society which began since 8th  March, 1909. However, it did not get people’s attention in the old China, then with Chinese women getting outside home and being involved into work like men, women in China began to enjoy the big day truly and eventually. Companies would give the female staff half day holiday to relax and enjoy being as a woman. How the Chinese ladies spend their the half day? Let’s find it out.

idea1 for women's day

It’s a good idea to go shopping and dinner with close friends at Women’s Day.

1.Shopping and dinner with close friends. This must be the first choice for the Chinese singles. You know, girls like shopping. Discount activities are everywhere, in malls, supermarkets, restaurants and so on. They will go to buy makeup in cosmetics shop, shoes, clothes or other girls’ stuff in the department stores or some fashion shops and snack food in supermarkets, then finally it is already time for a big diner.

doing facial

to boil yourself by doing facial

2.Doing facial, manicure or massage treatments. Nowadays beautiful Chinese girls pay attention to keeping young, healthy and beautiful. So facial, manicure and massage treatments should be in the list of Women’s Day relaxing activities.


Enjoy a complete fun via Karaoke!

3.Karaoke. Who don’t love music? None! Call friends and party time for singing or shouting songs. Some English songs originally sung by Beatles, Westlife, Michale Jason, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and other international pop singers are our favourite, big love.

Doing Gym

To keep fit via Gymnastics

4.Sports. This is the most healthy way to spend the half day. Chinese office ladies always sit in the office-room and have little time to doing sports. So it’s good to enjoy the leisure time in this healthy way.

idea5 for women's day

If you’re tired, stay at home and keep a good rest.

5. Be a dwelling female. Some girls would like to relax with herself. They prefer to staying home, doing reading, listening songs, watching favourite videos or surfing the internet. Briefly, you can do whatever you happy to do and just relax.

Apart from having a half day off, male friends or colleagues will celebrate this special day in their own way. They will text women a message, make a call, sent her flowers, little gifts or buy her a dinner. If you are her boyfriend, you can ever cook the meal for her by yourself. Daughters and sons will show love to their mothers too. They will buy her some healthy products or share some housework.

Now you know how Chinese women go with Women’s Day and remember to give your China love a surprising 8th March next year.