Dating Chinese women – The first and foremost pleasure a man can get!

Talking about dating a woman, you would probably meet up with your female partners and go out to enjoy some couple activities such as watching a movie, going out for dinner or a lunch. However, such dating has almost become a thing of the past with the introduction of speed dating and online dating. Now you can not only date women around you, but also from the other end of the globe – for example Chinese women, who are the most attractive women around the world.

Dating Chines Women can be one of the most confusing, fun, challenging, difficult and unpredictable activities we do in our lifetime and this leads to there being a wealth of knowledge, advice and tips about how to go about it successfully. Dating Chinese women isn’t nearly as complicated as many guys figure it out to be. There are many fantastic strategies and basic tips that should be taken into account before going out for a date:

Flirting: Flirting is always healthy, especially when you’re dating someone as it helps to build a good chemistry between you and your Chinese partner. Compliments and appreciation for your partner go a long way in improving your image.

Humor: It comes in handy to have a few good jokes to throw around during a conversation. However, it is important not to make self-deprecatory jokes as it causes you to lower your own prestige.

Confidence: It is also important to maintain a proper body language that gives off a vibe of confidence by standing (or sitting) straight and maintaining eye contact. Sometimes lowering the vocal pitch works as a way to subliminally seduce Chinese women.

Avoid odd topics: During conversations its best to avoid topics such as previous relationships, bad break ups and stress at work.

Be neat and clean: It is absolutely imperative to be looking neat, clean and prepared, especially for the first date as it shows that you have given some thought and preparation to the date. While dating Chinese women, your female companions will appreciate the effort you put into the first date.

Be courteous and polite: Many Chinese girls and women love it when they are treated with respect and dignity. Treat your Chinese partner like a queen and she will definitely enjoy your company a lot more.
Following the above tips are easy to follow and are the absolute essentials to be followed to have a successful first date and land a follow up date. Dating women can be fun and enjoyable especially if you meet a compatible partner. So keep dating till you find yourself a compatible partner with whom you enjoy a lot! After all for better or for worse, it is a time tested saying that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Go ahead and feel confident about dating women.


Tips for Him: Dating Asian Girls

Hi, do you want to meet Asian girls dating Caucasian men? Then you are reading the right article. We know that interracial marriage is not a new thing. During the ancient times, intermarriages had been practiced. Today, with the help of the technology and internet, interracial dating and marriage become easier.

However, even if finding a date is just one click away, still you need to research the background and even the culture of the person that you are about to date. This is because people from different countries have different background, character and culture that define them as an individual. Asian women have varied characteristics. For example, Chinese women are different from Japan, Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Pakistani, Filipino, and other Asian ladies.

So before you jump out of the boat, find out first what kind of Asian woman you are about to date. Again, know her culture and her distinguishing qualities as a woman. Once you know the basic information about the Asian woman you preferred to date, the next thing is to remember the golden rule, be honest.

Asian women are not naïve. They will discover if a man is no being truthful. They are very keen and observant. If they will see inconsistency of your behavior and the things that you said to them, they will simply cut and run. They will not speak to you anymore.

Asian women are also very reserved. Do not try to advance yourself to them, and immediately touch them or kiss them, or even seduce them to bed. Even if you flirt on them and they flirt back a little does not mean that they are ready to go to bed with you. It is a simple gesture that they like you but it does not give you a green signal to get a room somewhere.

Go out to have fun than being too obsessed with your goal to nail her and bring her home as your bride. Asian women like a man who knows how to have fun. These ladies are fun-loving people. The Asian girls dating a foreigner want to see if they can be compatible with the man before they will decide to marry the person.

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Secrets You Should Know When Dating or Marry a Chinese Woman

Here are six crucial facts revealed that every man from western countries dating or marring a Chinese woman should know:

1. When dating Chinese women they rarely show their true character until after a great deal of time, sometimes not even until after marriage! This is due to a culture where the peer pressure is high. Working out her true character before-hand is therefore a must.

2. When Chinese women are attracted to a man they will do things indirectly (much more so than a western female) to show their attraction, but without knowing the cues and signs it may pass you by. One example is if she advises you to take care of your health, or when the weather is changing to wear more clothes. This is not simply a throw-away statement on her part, as it is in western culture: she is trying to show her feelings are deeper than just simply friendship.

3. A Chinese brides expectation of marriage is based on her own culture and not necessarily yours. Don’t assume that she knows what marriage is like in your country or what will be expected of her just because you’ve heard that Chinese girls are ‘traditional’. In actual fact, the more traditional they are considered in Chinese culture, the less likely they will be able to adapt to you or your country.

4. Chinese women are seldom submissive after you really get to know them. The submissive nature you may see in the beginning months (or sometimes even years) is simply a cultural affectation that may gradually disappear and be replaced by her true character, which can be anything from generous, loving and kind, to selfish, bossy and materialistic. Find out what it truly is beforehand.

5. When dating Chinese girls the etiquette is frequently over-emphasized by them where non-Chinese males are concerned, and many suddenly become ‘ultra-traditional’, whereas with a Chinese male before, they may not have been. BREAKING DOWN THIS FACADE is therefore ‘a must’, as it can cause untold complications otherwise. Until that time you should follow the accepted Chinese dating etiquette.

6. Not all Chinese brides consider love to be an important factor in their marriage choice. Culturally in China, love and marriage have only recently become linked, and it is still far from being the norm in China. If you ask a Chinese woman you are dating or considering marriage to, if she loves you, she will almost always say “yes”.

This does not however necessarily mean she is thinking of the same kind of love you are thinking of. Chinese people frequently think of the word ‘love’ as almost a verb, as in if they act loving towards you and do loving things, it is sometimes equal in their minds to love. Make sure you are both on the same wavelength first if that is important to you, and learn how to find the right one….


What Makes Asian Girls and Women Popular?

As Asian girls and women are increasingly overcoming their reticence and enjoying an independent life, they enjoy more popularity in these days. To most people, Asian women are capable of continuing a serious relationship as they are perceived as truthful and reliable. Moreover, people are easily charmed by the looks and culture of Asian Ladies.

Many reasons make Asian women popular. Asian ladies are part of a strong family structure that is seldom to be seen among other overseas men. Asian women and girls can effortlessly manage both the household chores and their work front. They are intelligent and well-educated and this is also an alluring fact for men. Both Asian men and women can claim to be more or less equal in the sphere of education.

Asian women and girls are also strongly rooted to their traditional values. Asian women normally do not pursue another relationship after they are married. Moreover, as Asian ladies are mostly brought up in a joint family, they learn to respect their elders as well. This is an integral part of an Asian culture that makes her so attractive to men. Asian women are quite attractive and this is perhaps a determining fact in their marriage. Men are quite naturally attracted to good-looking women and it is inevitable that men would be attracted to Asian ladies on account of their natural and vibrant beauty.

Meeting an Asian lady is quite easy as you have the option to meet her via the online dating services that are enabled on the Internet (such as idateAsia.com, Chnlove.com), Then you can search for an Asian woman in the comfort and privacy of your home.

When you meet an Asian woman, remember that she is special. It is imperative that she should be treated with respect and with a lot of care and affection. Asian women generally do not look their age and thus, appear younger than they actually are. There are cultural dissimilarities that are imperative if you want to date an Asian girl. Dating and ultimately marrying an Asian lady might be a complex process but once you have managed to meet your match, you are bound to her for life. When you are planning to date an Asian woman, remember that she is different. Cultural dissimilarities are bound to crop up but then an Asian girl is quite adjusting as well. If you wish to date an Asian girl, you must respect her culture and treat her with love and affection.

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What Chinese Women Want to See In Your Profile

We may be not experts on Chinese women, but we do spend a lot of time thinking about what is the right Chinese-international dating site for you and moreover, how we can help you achieve success for dating a Chinese woman. Frankly speaking, we found that the perception most men have of their profile is much different than the Chinese women. Here is a quick list of items that most women want to see on their profile:

• Brains
• Brawn
• Ability
• Presentability
• Humor
• Originality
• Feelings
• Confidence
• Honesty
• Brevity

Seems like a lot, right? Well, it is.

When Chinese girls take a look at your profile, they will often make a quick scan and move on. It’s very important that you proofread your profile. That’s the first step to eliminate the “Brains” category, even if you are a neurosurgeon.

Speaking about neurosurgeons, unless you are one, it’s incredibly important that you don’t lie on your profile. Be truthful—make sure you are representing the true you. Coming across as yourself and getting a response on a date is important and more than 50% of the battle.

What else do Chinese women like? Confidence. You don’t need to be Brad Pitt to get the girl if you can act like you are like Brad Pitt. Don’t be cocky on your profile, but be sure of yourself. This comes about from how you write your profile, not saying that you are a confident individual.

Lastly, and here is the big one, make sure you have a good sense of humor. If you can’t make the girl laugh, it will be very difficult to win her over with your charm. At the end of the day, a relationship is all about whom you can spend time with and get along with for several hours.  That being said, we mentioned the good part of sense of humor—don’t go overboard, and don’t try too hard.

At the end, good profile writing comes from a lot of practice. We certainly don’t think you need a third-party resource helping your write your profile, but you definitely need to spend time editing it.

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Marriage Concept of Western and Chinese Women

As online dating rises and as China continues to open to the outside world, international marriage becomes more and more popular, even great differences on the love and marriage concept still exist between westerners and Chinese. If you want to marry a Chinese woman on Chnlove, then you should be adaptable to marriage culture and concept of Chinese women.

Maybe in the eyes of western women, marriage is a private matter, and no one can intervene without the permit. They have the right to live with the person they like. However, once they find that their marriage is a mistake, they will make the second choice, because it is brutal to force two people who don’t love each other any more to live together. Compared with them, Chinese women wish to live with their husband in their lifetime once they get married. For them, marriage is very important and once a Chinese woman commits to her partner, she does so for life; it will take a great apocalyptic wrong by her partner to dissuade her from that commitment. They are incredibly loyal, especially if that loyalty is reciprocated.

Western women desire to get love, and are braved to accept love without hesitation, whereas Chinese women take a complicated attitude to it. They desire a memorable love, but are fear of the sufferings the love brings. This attitude is resulted from the traditional moral concept of Chinese women.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have highlighted the collectivity. Husband and wife should stick together through thick and thin and cannot be separated from each other forever. Therefore, Chinese women are always cautious and prudent to choose their husband. Even though she really loves him, she would take his characters, education, health and career into account, because it is a decision that will determine her life. This is completely different with that of western women.

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Single Chinese women and girls at Chnlove

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Chinese women for marriage are popular to the western single men. There are thousands of Chinese brides who come to the United States or other western countries by getting married with Chinese American men or native guys every year via Chnlove.com. The statistics have showed the larger number of Chinese mail order brides who come to USA annually. So, dating online with a Chinese girl is common and simple. Both Chinese women and western men can register their personals ads for free, and only one thing you should pay more attention and serious – most single Chinese girls from Chnlove are looking for a lifetime companion. So, you have to be serious to find a long term partner, not just for sex.

Chinese girls online at Chnlove are ready to a relationship. They are faithful to love and romance. They do not like playing around. In fact, single Chinese women for dating and marriage are looking for a lifetime companion. When you date with a single woman on Chnlove, you will see how different she is. She hides her feeling in front of the man. She does not talk much on the first dates. She does not dare to look at you. She is so shy. This is the best characteristics of single Chinese girls. Many Western men love these beauties from a China lady. Most Chinese ladies let their men to lead the family because they respect their husbands. Especially, Chinese brides are good housewives.

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Chnlove Tips: First Email Writing to Chinese Women

You may have a great personal profile with a wonderful smiling photo on Chnlove to attract Chinese women‘s attention, but things can still fall apart if you’re sending out the wrong message when you respond to Admirer Mails or contact potential dates. Here are some pointers about your first EMF mail to insure success.

Subject Lines should be Attractive
If you fail to attract attention with your subject line, chances are that it will be passed over until later or even worse, deleted. Don’t waste this precious space with a generic ‘hi’ or use a template. The best way to stand out is by using something from the the Chinese girl’s profile or her admirer mail to show that you’ve actually read it. And a bit of wit or humor will go a long way toward getting noticed.

Greeting should be Enthusiastic
Once the Chinese woman received your email, you have another chance to make a great impression with your greeting. Just like the subject line, make it personal and relevant to the person you’re contacting. Talking about the person you’re writing to is a proven way to get a better response.

The Body of Your E-Mail
Shared Interests and Purpose

Talk about what you have in common and what you’re looking for in a date. Express an interest in getting to know her better by making references to their interests or hobbies. You don’t have to be an expert, just try to avoid being superficial and go deeper than just ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’.

A Bit About You
Although the focus of your email should be about the Chinese girl, don’t neglect to talk a bit about yourself. Share with them why you’re contacting them and positive attributes that you have to offer a date.

Leave open questions for an interactive communication
Ask questions– most Chinese women will respond with an answer– particularly if its on a subject they have an interest in. Leave open questions (not just YES/NO questions and answers) to create opportunities for future interactive communication. Avoid asking questions that merely solicit a yes/no answer. Instead, propose questions which can lead to her answering more.

Everyone Loves a Compliment!
Make a compliment– and make it sincere and meaningful. Flowery cliques make most of Chinese women groan, so use them sparingly and only if you mean it. It the person’s profile was humorous and you thought so, then say so.

Don’t Overwrite and keep your English as easy as possible
Most clicks on your e-mail are from people wanting a quick glance before they’ll commit to further communication. That being said, your e-mail shouldn’t read like novel. Keep it short, witty and informative. If you agree to communicate more, determine if e-mail is the preferred method. And many women in China are still learning English and will try to understand you EMF mail by themselves, so you are strongly recommended to explain and discuss matters in the simplest form of English. Avoid the use of idioms or slangs.

Your Clear Intent
Without facial expressions and body language, the written word can be interpreted differently then you intend, if you’re not careful. Slang terms should be avoided and don’t use words that can sound like sexual innuendo.

Chinese women are shy when first communicating with strangers, even online. So, the key to draw an exciting reply is to strike up a conversation. It’s simple – be more active, break the ice by bringing out some interesting topics, or sending her some of your pictures as your recent visual living record. The most appealing kind of email to send is friendly, funny and flattering, and cues an active conversation.