Finding a Safe Asian Dating Site

There are hundreds of online dating websites to choose from if you decide to date a Asian girls from China, Thailand, etc. However, not all sites are equal in features and quality. Here are some points to consider when signing up at a Asian dating site:

Layout Looks Lovely?
Browse around the Asian dating site as much as you can without actually signing up. Is the site clean, easy to use and clear of any annoying pop-ups, advertisements or missing graphics? A poorly developed dating personals site usually means poorly managed information – something that you can’t afford to risk. Surf elsewhere if this is the case.

Search for Some Sample Singles
Review the Asian girls that fit your dating criteria; are the dating personals profiles well-written, or do they seem nonsensical? Are all of the users model-like, or are there real looking people in the smorgasbord?

Privacy Policy Posted?
Does the Asian dating site you are browsing at have a privacy policy? Usually you’ll find a link towards the bottom of the page. Does the dating personals company protect your information? Do they sell your email address to “like-minded companies”? Also take a peek at the dating personals terms of use page, if they have one. Are users screened in any way? Some Asian dating sites now check singles’ names against legal documents to see if they are married, incarcerated or have a criminal record.

Copyright is Current?
A simple way to check the age and veracity of any Asian dating site is to look for the copyright date. If it’s older than the current year, you may want to look elsewhere.

Moreover, if you’re looking online, look for Asian dating site that:

– Require every Asian girls to submit a photo and have certain photo requirements that make it difficult for the scammers to comply.
Tip: beware of girls posing in bikinis, posing on her knees, (weird but I’ve seen it on the Russian sites), showing lots of cleavage, etc etc. They are baiting you.

– Sites that verify Asian Girls identity. For example, Chnlove.com, an innovative online platform providing the best all-inclusive solutions to cross-cultural relationships to the world, its local agencies are required to strictly follow procedure to verify the authenticity of Asian girls information (including photos, personal particulars, self-description, identity documents, etc).

Now, finding a Safe Asian Dating Site and begin your oriental love journey. May you Good Luck.


Tips for Success? Signals show the Chinese girl is sincere

Gentlemen may worry a lot when falling in love with a girl through online dating, they always ask: Is she a dating scammer? Is she keeping contact with other men like me? Is she serious about having a long term relationship? The phenomenon is more often when the girls they date are from different country and different culture. In this respect, Chnlove  summed up some signals can highlight Chinese girls ‘ sincerity in your Chinese dating.

– When the Chinese girl introduces you to her family and friends: She is so proud of you and that’s why she introduces you to her family and friends.

– When the Chinese girl plays a very active role to share her life with you: If she sends a jolly long-wind letter to you which mentions all the trivial stuff, or she asks for your opinions whenever she faces a decision-making process, it is highly likely that she accepts you as the one to commit a relationship with.

– When the Chinese girl remembers you well, and take note on everything about you: If she keeps on asking you about events happened to you dated back to two months ago, or the results of something you’ve talked before, or if she remembers well the date you two first talked to each other, birthday, or some special occasions you don’t remember well yet important, it is very possible that she keeps everything about you in her heart.

– When the Chinese girl is becoming more interested in your language and expects to meet you soon: She strives hard to learn English. And she gives you her personal contact number, address, etc. These are the signs that a Chinese girl hopes to communicate with you directly someday in your language.

– When the Chinese girl reacts the same way as you do: Do you feel angry and frustrated at certain times? Is she there and share your burdens? Her willingness to share your joy and sorrow has already indicated that you two have already been connected.

It’s true that above information is formed on the basis of our 12 years of successful experience of helping western gentlemen to realize their dreams – seek a Chinese girl as their the perfect match, but that is incomplete and is not absolute truth. No love story follows the same pattern. Just use common sense and exercise.

Follow your heart, believe yourself that you will find the most beautiful bride online. And Join Chnlove, let the best Chinese dating site helps you.


Tips for Success: Dating Chinese woman

Respect is a vital aspect to any date, and especially so with someone from another culture. Whether speaking online or meeting for the first time, respect a Chinese woman’s cultural identity and traditions, making sure to do what is comfortable for them. If you’re dating an Asian woman, knowing following tips may increase your chances of success.

Stay yourself and express what makes you special. If you try to gloss up every aspect of your personality it will only serve to harm your relationship in the long run. Let your Asian woman likes who you are, not who you think you should be.

But by all means, you should be on your best manners and behavior. This always goes when you’re exchanging mails, chatting or dating. Silly antics or vulgar language that might be amusing to a western girl will turn off your Chinese beauty in a heartbeat.

Don’t try to be the center of your conversation. Talk something about your Chinese woman. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in who she is and what she likes and does. Don’t ask in half-hearted way. Most Chinese women complain that men do not really listen to them, instead they keep hearing about how good the men were or what car they drive, etc.

Keep in close communication with Chinese woman, and remind yourself frequently that you will let her wait and worry about you. Try to learn some her language to express love, in this way, you may make Chinese woman feel close with you.

When talking on-line or planning your date, decide on something specific to do or to discuss. Don’t take the easy way out and tell your Chinese woman to choose herself. She is expecting you to take the lead, especially early in the relationship.

Show an interest in Chinese culture and be eager to learn more about local traditions in your Chinese woman’s country. Never joke about or belittle her culture – even if it sounds funny to you, she won’t be amused. Also, do not refer your Chinese woman as Asian or her ethnicity because you are dealing with a unique individual human being and not a general group of people.

Keep in mind that cultural differences also extend to intimacy. For example, a Chinese lady might want to say “I love you” or want to kiss you, but could be holding back because her culture tells her to have a reserved manner and to be shy. Read her heart and go with what she’s telling you. And please avoid controversial subjects like sex, and never discuss your past girlfriends.

Above all, treat her like a lady, – be a gentleman at all times. Chinese women expect their men to be courteous and considerate at all times. Pay sincere compliments and your Chinese lady know if you have enjoyed your communication and want to see her again. Hopefully she will feel the same way too.


What is an Online Dating Scam? Part 2

Chnlove Anti ScamGold Diggers

A better definion of “Gold Digger” may come from Urban Dictionary.

“Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man. The closest male equivalent is a gigolo or boytoy.”

In the world of love it is not wrong to be with someone who has stable financial background. But gold digger is more interested in your money than in you. He or she may leave you if you lost your ability to provide financial resources to them. But you should be on guard if you have been suspicious that the person you are dating is more interested in your money than in you.

The worst case is Gold Digger turns out to cheat you and then gone. Such gold diggers are online with only one purpose: cheat naïve men into sending money for something or using another excuse. After you send them the money, then she’ll be gone forever.

Chnlove.com continuously monitors the newly submitted profiles and correspondence records to guard against fraudulent activity. Everyday, we make phone calls to the profiles of the lady and look up the identity of all profiles posted on Chnlove.com. We can say that it is even safer than any other online dating site where verification process is not necessary.

Chnlove will continue to monitor its security measures and update and enhance them as necessary – but you need to be alert as well. If you suspect a profile may be fraudulent, please forward it to Chnlove immediately.


What is an Online Dating Scam? Part 1

Chnlove Anti ScamIt is very important to define what we should all see as “scam”.

Consumer Direct (the UK Governments consumer protection website) defines a scammer as:

“An online dating scam is when a scammer, male or female, creates a false personal profile and makes contact with you via an online dating agency or even a specialised chat room. The scammer says that they are seeking romance or a soul mate but are really out to steal not only your heart but your cash too.”

A lot of people had unhappy experience with the online dating service because of the communication problem itself.Chnlove is like any other online dating site. You are responsible for your own communication with the Chinese women.The site DOESN’T guarantee the success of relationships. But dangers can be everywhere in the online dating world – that’s what we all regard as online dating scam or fraud.Chnlove.com is just regarded as a safe medium for meeting potential dates and there could still be some hidden dangers we couldn’t spot. Now, let’s define what we see as “scam” or “fraud”.

We define two types of scammer in the world of online dating:

1.  Fake Profiles
2. Gold Diggers

Fake Profiles

Fake is simply fake, NOT REAL. The scammer professes that they are seeking romance or soul mate with perfect profiles which are too-good-to-be-true. However, in reality it is not the case. The profile photo may be a popular Asian actress or model and it turned out that the real person is a 50-year-old something.

All verified quality profiles are a key part of Chnlove.com business. However, the advantages that online dating provide can also give rise to the risk of fraud – individuals claiming to be someone they are not. Chnlove.com, in common with all providers of online services, is committed to your security – we are cautious about the truthfulness of the profiles submitted by the local service providers. Because all fraud is destructive but dating scammers are particularly ruthless as they abuse the emotional trust and attachments that people invest when looking to meet someone.