Tips On Chatting With Asian Girls On ChnLove

In spite of many common points between Chinese online dating and dating in real life in China, there are a lot of differences. With regard to the ways of communicating, Chinese online dating is more difficult and you should pay more attention and make more efforts during the process of chatting to achieve successful and romantic marriage. As a relationship expert, I’d like to give some suggestions for those who are dating on ChnLove.

What To Talk On ChnLove

There are a large number of topics you can relate to but there are also some points you should avoid. Favourite topics includes the hobbies and interest of your woman in China, things you two share in common, her job category and other meaningful and interesting things in life.


a Chinese girl on ChnLove for marriage

a Chinese girl for marriage

Is she still a student or not? If she has a job, Does she like her job? Does she feel tired of her work? What did your Chinese girlfriend do before she takes this position? What about her dreams and goal in life? Which stage has she reached? Tell her that you will always support and encourage her. Moreover, you will fight together with her to achieve your goals. Let her know your great sense of uplift.

You must remember that in the life of Chinese women their emotions are everything for them. Their love is sometimes narrow and selfish, sometimes generous. Once Chinese girls fall in love with you, they love you selfishly, they care about you and they commit themselves to you. They do most of things based on feelings, especially things in relation with one whom they love. They like men who are mature, calm, wealthy, humorous, handsome and smart but sometimes they are fond of honest, resolute, ineloquent, and simple western men. Whether your girl will choose you as their foreign husband, it all depends upon you.

Daily Life?

What does your Chinese girl like doing after work or in her spare time? Any hobbies and favourite sports? What is her best thing that happens to her recently? What countries has she ever been to? Which country does she like most? If she can have the choices, what kind of men and which country she will choose? Go along with her on those topics properly. For example, you can say that you are the king of men. You also like to go to Japan and France because Japanese cherry blossoms are very beautiful and French men are romantic.


Talk about her family members. Does she like to stay with her parents? How often does she call them? How are her parents? You can also tell her that though you are busy with your work you go home once you have time off. She will feel that you are a family man—-recessive and filial.


Was she naughty in primary school? Which teacher did she hate most? Did she often get bullied by boys? Did anybody call her nickname? Tell me something about one thing that impressed you most. Of course, you can relate to her your story.

Talk about university life. For instance, what did she often do in university and Is her home far away from university?

Attentions—-When Chatting Your Chinese Girl On ChnLove

Frequently remind her the following things

1 get meals on time

2 do not stay up and have beauty sleep.

3 tell stories to her every day and mention her or your family members. It depends on circumstances.

Always chat in a humorous and witty way on Live Chat or Love Call.

Find some content with depth instead of frivolous and tedious subjects.

Let her know that you care about her now and then.