Chnlove Club Dating Tips: What do Chinese Women Think about Age Difference?

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I have been a member of Chnlove Club for a few years now, and I had positive responses from a lot of Chinese women who are 15 to 20 years younger than myself. Like other Chnlove members, I often wonder what Chinese women really feel about older men, and here are a few thoughts I have on this issue.

What do the ladies in Chnlove Club feel about older men?

From my own experience, I think most Chinese women seem to place more value on characteristics such as maturity, honesty, stability and commitment than they do on a specific age group. They are much more tolerant of age difference than women in the United States.

Some websites list the age preferences of the ladies, but this is info not always useful, as many ladies might be willing to marry an older man, but they are not going to reveal this fact by mentioning a certain maximum age in their profiles, because older men of any age vary greatly in their appearance and inner youth. Many women are looking for partners their age or a bit older, and some are quite open to the idea of falling love with a considerably older man. With Chnlove Club, you have to send her up-to-date pictures in the first letter, stating clearly your age, and by the second letter ask her if her parents have any objections to her marrying an older foreigner. Please bear in mind that even if the girl likes you, her parents may reject large age difference and believe me, many of the parents do reject a man who is way older than the girl….But that said, the girl will easily overlook the age issue as long as the character of the man makes up for it.

Watch out for the real intentions of the ladies

Of course any woman in any country would like to marry someone closer to their age. Within 10 years is the maximum. There are always exceptions to the rule.There are circumstances where a woman would opt for a much older man. You have to be careful if this is the case and must beware of her real intentions. I have encountered quite a few ladies who are disillusioned with Asian men of their own age group, and are willing to entertain the idea of a mature partner. Asian women are generally very faithful to their husbands, but with a much older husband, they will expect some kind of financial security as widows, because they can hardly re-enter the job market after returning to China at age 50 or 60.

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  1. I think , profound love , age is not a problem . In fact, the vast majority of Chinese women still like to be greater than themselves, people . Feel more secure and more mature.

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