Chnlove Is Fake?

Chinese women from Chnlove

Chinese women on Chnlove are seriously looking for a lifetime partner!

When I see people calling Chnlove a “fake”, I can fully understand them as I myself had this same feeling once. A lot of times we put a label on someone or something without investigating them first, and I feel I have to share my experiences with Chnlove to those with doubts.

My Chnlove Story: Chnlove is not a fake!

When I joined, I would like to find a special person of my dreams. I never thought that I would find the person who was a wonderful match for me, though I enjoyed nice communication with ladies on this site. While, something unexpected happened.

In the first beginning, I received many admirer letters from beautiful young Chinese women. I wrote to a few of them. I searched the catalog and found a reasonable match. We exchanged very nice letters, then she started inviting me to come visit her in China. I felt excited while I did have visions of arriving in China and finding no lady was there to meet me, but I gambled. When I went to China, she met me at the airport. Everything was real. We actually had a great time together, although we had some drama at times. We’re now happily married. My point is, my experience was not a fake at all. I was on the alert for it and prepared myself not to be scammed.

Don’t blame Chnlove as fake for your own failure.

Individually every person and every situation will be unique. After studying some Chnlove Scam comments, I fund one thing in common—-their authors could not work out their love stories with ladies. If you have failure don’t blame Chnlove. It’s an easy excuse for your own dilemmas. It’s true that the ladies’ photos are photo-shopped, but I’m sure most of the ladies are real and they are sincere about wanting to marry a western man. What you should do is to be cautious before you run into a relationship. Don’t fall in love after merely viewing a few retouched photos and some translated letters. If your are sucked into lovey dovey EMFs you’re a fool. Stop believing in fairy tales but focus on real facts. If you’re conscious enough, you would not being scammed and will not think Chnlove is fake. You have nobody to blame but yourself.


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