How Chinese Ladies Spend Women’s Day

Few days ago it was the Women’s Day and I was happy to have half day off relaxing and enjoying the right of being a female. The international festival for female reminds people the importance of women and claims women’s right and equality in the society which began since 8th  March, 1909. However, it did not get people’s attention in the old China, then with Chinese women getting outside home and being involved into work like men, women in China began to enjoy the big day truly and eventually. Companies would give the female staff half day holiday to relax and enjoy being as a woman. How the Chinese ladies spend their the half day? Let’s find it out.

idea1 for women's day

It’s a good idea to go shopping and dinner with close friends at Women’s Day.

1.Shopping and dinner with close friends. This must be the first choice for the Chinese singles. You know, girls like shopping. Discount activities are everywhere, in malls, supermarkets, restaurants and so on. They will go to buy makeup in cosmetics shop, shoes, clothes or other girls’ stuff in the department stores or some fashion shops and snack food in supermarkets, then finally it is already time for a big diner.

doing facial

to boil yourself by doing facial

2.Doing facial, manicure or massage treatments. Nowadays beautiful Chinese girls pay attention to keeping young, healthy and beautiful. So facial, manicure and massage treatments should be in the list of Women’s Day relaxing activities.


Enjoy a complete fun via Karaoke!

3.Karaoke. Who don’t love music? None! Call friends and party time for singing or shouting songs. Some English songs originally sung by Beatles, Westlife, Michale Jason, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and other international pop singers are our favourite, big love.

Doing Gym

To keep fit via Gymnastics

4.Sports. This is the most healthy way to spend the half day. Chinese office ladies always sit in the office-room and have little time to doing sports. So it’s good to enjoy the leisure time in this healthy way.

idea5 for women's day

If you’re tired, stay at home and keep a good rest.

5. Be a dwelling female. Some girls would like to relax with herself. They prefer to staying home, doing reading, listening songs, watching favourite videos or surfing the internet. Briefly, you can do whatever you happy to do and just relax.

Apart from having a half day off, male friends or colleagues will celebrate this special day in their own way. They will text women a message, make a call, sent her flowers, little gifts or buy her a dinner. If you are her boyfriend, you can ever cook the meal for her by yourself. Daughters and sons will show love to their mothers too. They will buy her some healthy products or share some housework.

Now you know how Chinese women go with Women’s Day and remember to give your China love a surprising 8th March next year.

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