The Pressures of Marriage With Chinese Girls

marriage with Chinese girl

Beautiful Chinese Girls For Marriage at ChnLove.com!

There are many advantages of having a Chinese wife, but there are also a number of issues which can put a lot of pressure on gentlemen seeking a Chinese partner. So if you have it in your mind to find a beautiful Chinese girl for marriage, you should consider carefully about these following points and how to handle them according to your own situation.

Owning a house

Chinese women, often guided by their parents, normally require a partner to be economically stable before considering marriage. This means that the man should have purchased a house where the couple can live after the wedding. But for the majority of regular workers in China’s major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, this can be an insurmountable obstacle. House prices in these major cities has skyrocketed in comparison to incomes over the past 10 years, with 1 square meter often costing more than US$ 3,000, and the price of a small condo downtown easily $US 200,000 or more. It’s no wonder why people are staying single longer and so many Chinese women are having trouble finding a suitable partner.

Approval from the family

Getting married to a Chinese girl is kind of like getting married to her entire family, because family ties are very close in China! This also means that winning the approval of the girl’s parents is a prerequisite for any successful marriage. But you’re not alone in feeling the pressure from the parents, Chinese ladies also feel a lot of pressure from their parents to find a partner and get married as soon as possible, to settle down and have a stable life.

Having kids young

In Western countries, it’s normal and even desirable for a woman to have her first child in her 30’s, since she is more financially and emotionally secure. However, Chinese ladies usually want to have Children in their mid-twenties, sometimes even sooner. So if you marry a Chinese girl in her early 20’s, she probably sees children in the picture pretty soon. Similarly, almost every Chinese lady does want to have children, as this is an important traditional cultural value.

Supporting her family

There’s a saying in Chinese, “Raise children to protect yourself from old age.” This traditional idea held by many Chinese people, particularly older generations, is that couples should raise children so they will have someone to take care of them when they get old. Younger generations are also instilled with a strong sense of filial piety. So, Chinese ladies often bear the task of caring for their parents when they get old. And if you marry a Chinese girl, you’re taking on some of her responsibilities as well, so it’s best to be prepared for this possibility.


Dating Tips: How to Choose the Right Chinese Girl Online

Chinese girl

Get Tips to Date Chinese Girl!

It is no doubt that there are quite a lot very nice and pretty Chinese ladies for you to choose from. Even most of the ladies’ profiles and photos have been modified, you can still see many of the Chinese ladies are beautiful in looking. Right now, it may be difficult for you to choose which one is your lifetime partner.

Tips for Choosing Your Future Chinese girl.

Firstly, read through their profiles to see how the Chinese lady describe herself and to see if you are the man she is looking for. This way, you can obtain a basic knowledge of the Chinese lady. When you find you and the Chinese lady are matched, please don’t believe you have stumbled into heaven prematurely that you have found the Chinese lady you want. You need to go the next step.

That is communicating with the Chinese lady you choose. During the communication, you need to get to know the Chinese lady’s values, character, virtues and her family, etc.. Please don’t be flushed into the honeyed words. Step back and be aware of the reality-what kind of Chinese lady you desire for. Asking the Chinese lady some questions and evaluate her answer then understand the Chinese lady’s inner side.

Then, to have a closer communication with your Chinese lady via other service the dating site offered. Also, review the mails between you and the Chinese lady from time to time and ask yourself a question: if this is the Chinese lady is really the one you looking for. If you answer is Yes, Congratulations!

Finally, come to the meeting, before that you may ask your Chinese lady to send you some of her natural look photos or have webcam with you, this way, you may have a basic knowledge of her looking. Meanwhile, to know about some local custom to avoid embarrassing situation. During the meeting, do not make inordinate demands but try to make her and yourself relax and show the most real and primitive things of you.

Man, don’t set too many constraint or conditions on your future Chinese lady. Select someone you like, and do not need to over consider what others will be thinking and saying. Just follow your heart!


Attention: Single Chinese Women Hate To Date Such Man

Last weekend, I had a dinner with several close female friends. They are Chinese-born beautiful ladies. During the dinner, we talked about dating Chinese girls and what women in China like and dislike when they are asked out by men. My friends shared their own experience and the typical stories of their friends. Now I have made a summary and work out several DON’T that men should avoid when dating Chinese women. Hope it helpful to you guys.

Single Chinese Women Don’t Like Talkative Men

Chinese dating

Chinese women do not like talkative men

According to vast dating tips from the network, you are suggested to be positive and active, lead the conversation with interesting topics in order to avoid embarrassing silence. And that is not wrong, but make sure you are not overactive or talking too much. Remember it is communication, not a speech. You need to exchange ideas with her and get more understanding of each other. Besides, women themselves love speaking. They would rather find a boyfriend who is willing to hear her gossips. In China, many good looking girls tend to find this kind of men, who are plain, of medium height and maybe get a not high wage. Why? The majority of these men have nice personalities and they are a very good listener. So if you want to wake up her interest on you, then listen more to her and tell her your opinion and suggestion properly. Kids draw attention by endless speaking and jumping, but men by appropriate silence.

No! No! No!

Do you give a lot of NO or negative answers to a woman’s question? I suggest you should never do that any more. No one likes to find a boyfriend standing on the opposite site and expressing no approval all the time. And also Chinese ladies want to be pleased and favored. If you keep giving negative reactions to her, she may not show any resentful feeling during the date, but you will never see her again after that. However, it does not mean that you should Yes to all her ideas. It is alright to give a different opinion but in a gentle way instead of a forcing way. Do not begin your sentence with “I don’t think…”, “No, I…” or “But…”. Try these “Yes, you are right. And I …” ” You really have a special viewpoint on this. Most people just believe that…”. Be nice and gentle and ladies will be attracted by you.

Miserly, Excessively Frugal With Money.

Chinese date

Arrange a romantic Chinese date for her

I think it is a basic manner to buy woman a meal. A date is not just about talking and exchanging ideas. She will grade you by your behaviours. What you order for a meal and your attitude to spend money always have an important effect on her decision to go out again with you. China lady pays so much attention to this not because she worship rich men. In her eyes, if the guy is excessively frugal with money, he must be a mean selfish man. So order some drinks and food at reasonable price and pay the bill forwardly for a successful Chinese date.

Of course, there are still some common dating rules suitable for dating Chinese girls. For example never be late for the appointment. Bring flowers or small gifts to her. In short , I really  hope you can benefit from my tips and wish you a successful date with your Chinese girl.


Best Wishes For Both Mothers With Online Dating Services


The thirteenth day of May in 2012 is Mother’s Day. You must have prepared the gift to send to your mother. Have you discussed with your Chinese lady online about what gift to send on Mother’s Day? Have you imagined your girlfriend’s mother receiving the gift from her to-be mother-in-law? How will your Chinese bride and her mother feel? For their excitement and happiness and your own happiness as well, send her mother some beautiful flowers with your best regards with the help online dating service.

Sending Flowers and gifts to Your Chinese girl

Sending Flowers and gifts to Your Chinese girl


Send gifts& flowers—-online dating service.

Sending gifts and flowers is an online dating service. With the extensive networks, the service covers around the world. There are flowers, fashion accessories, gourmet treats and food, and furry friends, etc. The staff of Chinese dating site can help send gifts at the arranged time. If it is used properly, it has great help for you to win the hear t of your girl and it can also help you have a dream Chinese wife soon. For intance, you can send her flowers on special days such as a national holiday or her birthday. Your gift will be her forever memory and treasure.


However, when you send something for your girlfriend, do not forget to include your wishes and regards to her mother. Her mother matters a lot in your successful dating with your China lady.

Carnations for the mother of you Chinese lady on Mother's Day

Carnations for the mother of you Chinese lady on Mother’s Day


Carnations on Mother’s Day

All Chinese women like fresh and beautiful flowers. Therefore, on Mother’s Day , some flowers are a good choice. With regard to flowers, carnations are the fittest on this special day. Carnations are the commonest flower. It is inexpensive and can keep fresh for a long period. It symbolizes health, passion, sincerity and kindness.


Red carnations: Trust your love and wish Mom healthy forever.

Pink carnations: May Mom be beautiful and young forever and I love you.

White carnations: Pure friendship and I love you forever.

Yellow carnations: Forever and lasting friendship.


Apart from sending flowers and gifts, you can also choose to make a love call to your girlfriend in China and ask about her mother and family members. Life is what we make and if you love your girl, using the Internet dating service to surprise her and please her family.


Now make a right decision and use the online dating service—send gifts&flowers to send your best regards and wishes to your Chinese girl and her mother. Let them know your true love and care for her family. And surprise is waiting for you.


Love Letter For Internet Dating Online

internet dating online

love letter for internet dating online

Today Internet dating online becomes acceptable and popular to more and more people from different places of the world. Because this unique dating way makes it easy for people to meet others from different countries and there are more choices, on which people can freely talk and exchange ideas with different kinds of dates with the help of tools offered by the dating platforms. And in the end quite a great number of people find their lifetime partner, although they were skeptical at first. However, these people who succeed in foreign marriage through Internet dating do not win love just for luck. They have paid efforts to get the heart of the Internet bride. One of these efforts is love letter.
Writing a love letter or email is a great way to tell our beloved ones how we feel about them. It can not be replaced by the a quick and easy “I love you” in the our live chat or love call. Meanwhile, it is not easy to write a love email which can touch her heart and soul. But we should do it because it really helps to improve the relationship a lot.

Easy Steps for Internet Dating Online Love Letter

Writing a love letter is not easy, but is shouldn’t be that difficult either. All you have to do is open your heart and let the words flow, right? Here are some simple tips to help you write down those romantic feelings.
1. Find somewhere privateand quiet. The mood is very important when writing an intimate love letter. Avoid writing your love email in the crowded noisy places. Then play some romantic light music in the room and let it lead you into the relax and romantic atmosphere.

internet dating online

Beautiful girl on Chnlove

2. Express your love to her. After a period of communication, you can confess your love her. Tell her why you love her or which part of her attracts you. You may express your love to her kind heart or the way she talks to you. Just list a few things you love about her. In addition, romantic quote would be appreciated. Borrowing some wonderful words from professionals to express love can gain unexpected good effects.

3. Tell her more about your daily life. She might want to know more about you if she is interested in you. So you can write down several impressive things happened in this week to share your ideas with her. If you keep a dairy, that would be better. Just pick it out from your notebook. Besides, you can talk about your hopes or plans for your future together.

4. Talk something about her culture. The letter should involve interchange. If she is a Chinese girl, you’d better learn something about China. However, you don’t need to be an expert. Tell her how you feel about China or ask her how some Chinese customs or traditions form. It can improve mutual understanding and reduce the cultural difference.

5. Use a romantic closing. “Sincerely yours” or “Best wishes” are for a friend, if you want her feel your passion, try more romantic phrase like “All my love,” “Yours forever” or “Your Loving and then sign your name.

6. Write it down on paper first. If you feel more comfortable to write it on paper, then do it on paper. After you finish it, type it into your computer and send it right away to your Chinese date.


The Chinese Girls You Should Seize On Chinese Dating Website


If you are dating Chinese girls online or in real life, this article is of great help to you.

Are you wondering what kind of  Chinese women you should date and marry? Does the  beautiful woman in China you date own the following qualities? If yes, keep on dating her no matter what difficulty lies in front of you.

beautiful Chinese girl

beautiful Chinese girl

Girls who stay with you on Chinese dating website.

No matter how late you are online, she can stay up to be your company. Even though you do not chat with her, she still keeps online as long as you are online. She just wants to see you smiling when you are happy. She will comfort you and think up every means to help when you are frustrated or disappointed.

Girls who are thoughtful and understanding.

If you are still studying in university, she will not request you to skip classes in order to gratify her own impulses or inclinations. If your salary is not very high, she will not ask you to buy luxuries. If you are busy with work, she will not complain for your not forgetting to call her and she will not ask you to speak soft and honeyed words when you are worried about your work. Even if she is in bad mood, she will always stand beside you. This girl knows when to pout to her lover and when to take care of you. Moreover, when you two quarrelling, she will not always demand or wait you to apologize although as a man you should appease and give up most of the time. Sometimes she will carefully ask for your forgiveness.

Girls who care about you.

When chatting with her, this China lady will never make mistakes in her messages and e-mails. She pays great attention to every detail happening between you and her. Before she sends messages, chat over the phone, or talk face to face, she will check several times to make sure that there is no mistakes with the words, tones and even expressions.

Girls who keep informed of everything relating to you.

Join your circles of friends and life. The Chinese girl will never miss anything about you. She may see the movies you like, go to the restaurant which you like most, and shop in your favourite shop. She may try every link in your facebook. She wants to become better so that she is a perfect match for you. And she needs your recognization and compliments.

If you find it that the China lady in your Chinese date is exactly the kind of girl above, treasure and value her. She is worthy your sincerity and love. Seize the chance and never give up. The beautiful Chinese lady will eventually be your Chinese wife.


Tips On Chatting With Asian Girls On ChnLove

In spite of many common points between Chinese online dating and dating in real life in China, there are a lot of differences. With regard to the ways of communicating, Chinese online dating is more difficult and you should pay more attention and make more efforts during the process of chatting to achieve successful and romantic marriage. As a relationship expert, I’d like to give some suggestions for those who are dating on ChnLove.

What To Talk On ChnLove

There are a large number of topics you can relate to but there are also some points you should avoid. Favourite topics includes the hobbies and interest of your woman in China, things you two share in common, her job category and other meaningful and interesting things in life.


a Chinese girl on ChnLove for marriage

a Chinese girl for marriage

Is she still a student or not? If she has a job, Does she like her job? Does she feel tired of her work? What did your Chinese girlfriend do before she takes this position? What about her dreams and goal in life? Which stage has she reached? Tell her that you will always support and encourage her. Moreover, you will fight together with her to achieve your goals. Let her know your great sense of uplift.

You must remember that in the life of Chinese women their emotions are everything for them. Their love is sometimes narrow and selfish, sometimes generous. Once Chinese girls fall in love with you, they love you selfishly, they care about you and they commit themselves to you. They do most of things based on feelings, especially things in relation with one whom they love. They like men who are mature, calm, wealthy, humorous, handsome and smart but sometimes they are fond of honest, resolute, ineloquent, and simple western men. Whether your girl will choose you as their foreign husband, it all depends upon you.

Daily Life?

What does your Chinese girl like doing after work or in her spare time? Any hobbies and favourite sports? What is her best thing that happens to her recently? What countries has she ever been to? Which country does she like most? If she can have the choices, what kind of men and which country she will choose? Go along with her on those topics properly. For example, you can say that you are the king of men. You also like to go to Japan and France because Japanese cherry blossoms are very beautiful and French men are romantic.


Talk about her family members. Does she like to stay with her parents? How often does she call them? How are her parents? You can also tell her that though you are busy with your work you go home once you have time off. She will feel that you are a family man—-recessive and filial.


Was she naughty in primary school? Which teacher did she hate most? Did she often get bullied by boys? Did anybody call her nickname? Tell me something about one thing that impressed you most. Of course, you can relate to her your story.

Talk about university life. For instance, what did she often do in university and Is her home far away from university?

Attentions—-When Chatting Your Chinese Girl On ChnLove

Frequently remind her the following things

1 get meals on time

2 do not stay up and have beauty sleep.

3 tell stories to her every day and mention her or your family members. It depends on circumstances.

Always chat in a humorous and witty way on Live Chat or Love Call.

Find some content with depth instead of frivolous and tedious subjects.

Let her know that you care about her now and then.


The Most Reliable Ways For Foreigners To Marry A Chinese Girl—-ChnLove

Nowadays there are mainly two kinds of Chinese dating sites—-free and charge dating sites. Both have their own disadvantages and advantages. Some choose free dating site but many others believe in charge dating sites. As far as I am concerned, charge dating site is reliable and safe. The following are my supporting points. Let’s take Chnlove as an example. (Chnlove is a charge Chinese dating site.)

ChnLove girl-----a beautiful Chinese girl

ChnLove girl—–a beautiful Chinese girl

First of all, lawless people tend to cheat people on free dating sites because free Chinese dating site has no regulations and policies to manage and control the activities of members. For the part of ChnLove, there are strict rules and regulations to the slightest action of members and non-members so that people who want to diddle singles out of money have no chance. It has detailed rules to the Internet dating services and its cooperated agency must meet its strict regulations and policy. Additionally, the agency must stand the test and its supervision.

Second, there are no grantee to the privacy of personal information on free dating site. As a result, it is easy for bad people to take advantage of personal information. What’s worse, bad people may put you in danger of personal safety. But on ChnLove, the information of Chinese ladies has been double-checked by ChnLove and its cooperated agency. Chinese ladies must go through the process of identification authentication and SMS verification. And moreover, male members cannot get access to the profile of single Chinese women if they don’t sian up for Chn Love.

Third, ChnLove has wonderful and high-quality service and can help find a Chinese lady in the shortest time and provide a full package service including marriage visa. And it is not expensive for the dating services on ChnLove. After all, marriage is the most important event in the life of everyone and when we seek Chinese girl, safety comes first no matter which Asian dating site we are using. Neither of us want unhappiness during the process of seeking true love and we all long for true and romantic love.

All in all, if you have decided to establish an online relationship with a Chinese girl, find a trustful Chinese dating site. I have found my favourite Chinese wife on ChnLove and she is really gorgeous. And the service the site provided are excellent. According to my personal experience, ChnLove is an excellent choice. It is a reliable and serious dating site. I bet you can rely on it to find your dream Chinese girl.