Chnlove Date: American Men-Hot Choice of Chinese Girls, Why?

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I’m writing to find out the root causes for the popularity of oversea marriage. My objective is to give recommendations to American guys who’re keen to locate a Chinese girl as lifetime companion, and make it easier to to recognize the faces in oversea marriage, to get a high results rate and superior match.

There’s no doubt that more and more Chinese girls pick a cross-cultural partnership. It can be partly ascribed to the adjustment of the society and people’s values and partly to the distinct qualities of the girls in China and American males.

Chnlove Date: How Chinese Women Think About American Men

Inside the eyes of female Chinese singles, American men have a lot of distinctive features that Chinese males don’t possess. It can be such a uniqueness that attracts Chinese women.

American males do not stay inside the superficial requirements like appearance and figure on picking a life partner. They care more about the inner side of Chinese wives. They look after their sorrow and desires at any time. Females in China are generally moved by their adore and thoughtfulness. Even so, most of Chinese guys concentrate additional on the appearance and take this factor probably the most essential in deciding the life companion, which has disappointed Chinese females.

Second, American gentlemen usually do not concern the ages as substantially as Chinese guys do because they quietly know that they are looking for true enjoy instead of a beauty only for daily appreciation. Just have a browse on the ads for a life companion on newspapers or on the internet and we are able to find that: In the majority of Chinese ads, males set an age limit and hope that girls are younger though in American ads most of them don’t do so. In America, several American guys marry China ladies who’re 5 years elder or extra. It is prevalent in America but from the point of Chinese men’s views, it is truly unimaginable.

Thirdly, American males are generous with their treacly words to partners. A lot of Chinese ladies like to stay with American men simply because they really feel very good when staying with them. Although you are bestowed a common look,you can nevertheless win the praise for your talents, fine qualities and smartness. A superb man will focus more on the inner side of a woman for the reason that the virtues would brighten her. It is actually what American males feel! American gentlemen who’ve a high education will constantly respect and appreciate their spouse. They would bring surprise to their spouse from time to time. On the other hand, the requirement of Chinese guys on choosing a wife is firstly referring to the look. The second is age. Chinese guys seldom send flowers and gifts to their partners after marriage. They just give money, which can be not enough inside the eyes of Chinese women.

How American Guys See Chinese Women

American guys prefer to favor Chinese women for their unique virtues that females in American don’t have. To start with, Chinese wives are diligent in work, tender and pretty in look. Apart from this, the most important reason is the fact that they’re not material girls. American ladies might be hardworking but not tender, sexy but not sweet and considerate.

For the modern American guys who are still single and want to find a Chinese wife in a quick and efficient approach, to sign up Chnlove and become a Chnlove member could be a nice option to realize the dream since this site is the largest Chnlove dating platform in Asia with friendly-used communication tools as well as quality and diverse Chinese girls for selection.

To sum up, the special functions of Chinese Women bring about the uprising quantity of Chinese brides in cross-cultural marriage. If you’re an American man searching for a Chinese bride, there is no doubt that this article should be useful for you in personal. Finally, wish you a happy date with your Chinese girl!


Five Things To Do To Freshen Up Your China Date With Chinese girl


The beginning of a date with Chinese girl  is always full of excitement and vigor with a little of adventure. The surprising and new thing in every date lies in the course to constantly understand each other. How can you make your date lastingly passionate and keep the thrill and excitement in your dating? Luckily you can learn something here.


Chinese girl from Sichuan With her foreign husband

Chinese girl from Sichuan With her foreign husband


Thing 1 Share a secret with your China woman in your China Date

The level of relation closeness is associated with the sense of excitement. This is the reason why the process of understanding each other at the beginning of a date is the most exciting. Every time you can tell a secret to each other. Then both of you and your girl will feel exciting and duringthe process your relationship is also greatly promoted. The secret can be a little thing but this kind of way is very good and effective.


Thing 2 Show your love and passion to your dream Chinese wife through network

In the past people always made their passion known by means of writing letters. Nowadays with the development of science and technology, there comes the era of Internet. When dating and chatting your girl online, remember to use e-mail or cell phone short message services (SMS) or live chat to say a few nice words to your dream Chinese bride. Just tell how much you love her and this can make a big difference in your Chinese date.


Chinese girl and her western husband

Chinese girl and her western husband


Thing 3 Surprise your sweet girl with some little gifts

Love is life and life needs freshness. You are dating online and don’t know how to bring pleasant surprise to your online Chinese girlfriend? Don’t worry. Online dating services can help you. Make the most of them and send gifts or flowers with beautiful cards to her sometimes or at special times.


Thing 4 Remember the episode in your first date

After chatting online, you and her met in her hometown. You must have prepared for the first meeting very carefully. Your nervous feeling must still be vivid in your mind. The first date with your Chinese lady is full of a sense of mystery. Remember the scene of your first date and you reap the sweet fruits of it. For instance, in another date, you can dress the same clothes and bring the same flowers or apply the same perfume. Just recall the happy and fantastic moments together.


Thing 5 Understand her from a different angle

Relation experts tell that the lover relationship can be enhanced if they view each other from another perspective. Take her to dance or work out in your spare time. Among the process know the different parts of each other. It has a unique sense of freshness.

Start to do the above things and make your date with Chinese girlfriend full of excitement, happiness, freshness and romance all the time.



Best Wishes For Both Mothers With Online Dating Services


The thirteenth day of May in 2012 is Mother’s Day. You must have prepared the gift to send to your mother. Have you discussed with your Chinese lady online about what gift to send on Mother’s Day? Have you imagined your girlfriend’s mother receiving the gift from her to-be mother-in-law? How will your Chinese bride and her mother feel? For their excitement and happiness and your own happiness as well, send her mother some beautiful flowers with your best regards with the help online dating service.

Sending Flowers and gifts to Your Chinese girl

Sending Flowers and gifts to Your Chinese girl


Send gifts& flowers—-online dating service.

Sending gifts and flowers is an online dating service. With the extensive networks, the service covers around the world. There are flowers, fashion accessories, gourmet treats and food, and furry friends, etc. The staff of Chinese dating site can help send gifts at the arranged time. If it is used properly, it has great help for you to win the hear t of your girl and it can also help you have a dream Chinese wife soon. For intance, you can send her flowers on special days such as a national holiday or her birthday. Your gift will be her forever memory and treasure.


However, when you send something for your girlfriend, do not forget to include your wishes and regards to her mother. Her mother matters a lot in your successful dating with your China lady.

Carnations for the mother of you Chinese lady on Mother's Day

Carnations for the mother of you Chinese lady on Mother’s Day


Carnations on Mother’s Day

All Chinese women like fresh and beautiful flowers. Therefore, on Mother’s Day , some flowers are a good choice. With regard to flowers, carnations are the fittest on this special day. Carnations are the commonest flower. It is inexpensive and can keep fresh for a long period. It symbolizes health, passion, sincerity and kindness.


Red carnations: Trust your love and wish Mom healthy forever.

Pink carnations: May Mom be beautiful and young forever and I love you.

White carnations: Pure friendship and I love you forever.

Yellow carnations: Forever and lasting friendship.


Apart from sending flowers and gifts, you can also choose to make a love call to your girlfriend in China and ask about her mother and family members. Life is what we make and if you love your girl, using the Internet dating service to surprise her and please her family.


Now make a right decision and use the online dating service—send gifts&flowers to send your best regards and wishes to your Chinese girl and her mother. Let them know your true love and care for her family. And surprise is waiting for you.


The Chinese Girls You Should Seize On Chinese Dating Website


If you are dating Chinese girls online or in real life, this article is of great help to you.

Are you wondering what kind of  Chinese women you should date and marry? Does the  beautiful woman in China you date own the following qualities? If yes, keep on dating her no matter what difficulty lies in front of you.

beautiful Chinese girl

beautiful Chinese girl

Girls who stay with you on Chinese dating website.

No matter how late you are online, she can stay up to be your company. Even though you do not chat with her, she still keeps online as long as you are online. She just wants to see you smiling when you are happy. She will comfort you and think up every means to help when you are frustrated or disappointed.

Girls who are thoughtful and understanding.

If you are still studying in university, she will not request you to skip classes in order to gratify her own impulses or inclinations. If your salary is not very high, she will not ask you to buy luxuries. If you are busy with work, she will not complain for your not forgetting to call her and she will not ask you to speak soft and honeyed words when you are worried about your work. Even if she is in bad mood, she will always stand beside you. This girl knows when to pout to her lover and when to take care of you. Moreover, when you two quarrelling, she will not always demand or wait you to apologize although as a man you should appease and give up most of the time. Sometimes she will carefully ask for your forgiveness.

Girls who care about you.

When chatting with her, this China lady will never make mistakes in her messages and e-mails. She pays great attention to every detail happening between you and her. Before she sends messages, chat over the phone, or talk face to face, she will check several times to make sure that there is no mistakes with the words, tones and even expressions.

Girls who keep informed of everything relating to you.

Join your circles of friends and life. The Chinese girl will never miss anything about you. She may see the movies you like, go to the restaurant which you like most, and shop in your favourite shop. She may try every link in your facebook. She wants to become better so that she is a perfect match for you. And she needs your recognization and compliments.

If you find it that the China lady in your Chinese date is exactly the kind of girl above, treasure and value her. She is worthy your sincerity and love. Seize the chance and never give up. The beautiful Chinese lady will eventually be your Chinese wife.


Cinderella Marriage: Chinese Woman Marrying Presidential Candidate

Internet becomes an essential part in life. It is the most popular and important way for people to communicate with each other. You search resources for work, watch sports, have a video chat with your family, discuss with your friends and even find yourself a Chinese wife through the Internet. So amazing and powerful! Today I want to share a real Cinderella story which comes to reality with the help of Internet.
Wu Mulan, a China woman, used to work in a garment factory as an ordinary worker in Shenzhen, a city located in the southern China. She left her hometown to Shenzhen with her little daughter after she got divorced with her ex-husband more than ten years ago and struggled to live a better life in that lonely place. In 2003, she did well in work and life became stable and then her daughter had been a thirteen-year-old girl who could take care of herself. So she began thinking to find a lifetime partner. Then this Chinese single mother signed up in an Asian dating website to look for her second marriage. However, she never thought that she could met such a great man and became a wife of a Polish presidential candidate.
On the other hand, Stanislaw Tyminski, a Polish man long settled in Canada, had participated in the 1990 Polish presidential election and became the second strongest and promising candidate and also in the 2005 presidential election made himself the first offical candidate, by now he occupies an important position in Polish political arena. Before the wonderful encounter with his China love, he had gone through two marriages firstly with a Finnish girl and secondly with a Peruvian woman, from which he had got four children. Perhaps it is the same unhappy experience on marriage and both becoming single parent that make them feel right to each other.
” I had no idea on surfing online and also knew little about English at that time.” Wu Mulan talked about the difficulty she met during her Internet dating. She first asked her friends to translate emails for her and later she did not want to bother her friends to much and decided to write the emails by herself with the help of some translation software. Apart from that, Stanislaw used to demand a video chat with Wu, but she always refused that. She explained that she did not want him to judge her by her appearance and moreover she was incapable of chatting in English.  Although all these tough things they had gone through and they sometimes had misunderstanding because of the language barrier and cultural difference, the China lady and her Polish husband bravely overcame so much things and finally got together after two years communication.
They are now living in a four-story villa with their five daughters and sons in downtown Toronto. In an interview, Wu Mulan talked about their current life after the marriage. She goes to language school to improve English, and after school she does some housework and cooks meals for Stanislaw and their boys and girls. Sometimes they still have got problems on language and cultural differences. However, Wu Mulan said that communication does not necessarily rely on language. It is love that works in a communication and relationship.
What a beautiful and romantic transnational marriage! Two people from different country and different culture background got to know each other and become couple through a Chinese dating site. And I just want to say that love is without border, love can be everywhere, including online dating service.

Chinese wife and her Polish husband

Wu Mulan and Stanislaw


The Most Reliable Ways For Foreigners To Marry A Chinese Girl—-ChnLove

Nowadays there are mainly two kinds of Chinese dating sites—-free and charge dating sites. Both have their own disadvantages and advantages. Some choose free dating site but many others believe in charge dating sites. As far as I am concerned, charge dating site is reliable and safe. The following are my supporting points. Let’s take Chnlove as an example. (Chnlove is a charge Chinese dating site.)

ChnLove girl-----a beautiful Chinese girl

ChnLove girl—–a beautiful Chinese girl

First of all, lawless people tend to cheat people on free dating sites because free Chinese dating site has no regulations and policies to manage and control the activities of members. For the part of ChnLove, there are strict rules and regulations to the slightest action of members and non-members so that people who want to diddle singles out of money have no chance. It has detailed rules to the Internet dating services and its cooperated agency must meet its strict regulations and policy. Additionally, the agency must stand the test and its supervision.

Second, there are no grantee to the privacy of personal information on free dating site. As a result, it is easy for bad people to take advantage of personal information. What’s worse, bad people may put you in danger of personal safety. But on ChnLove, the information of Chinese ladies has been double-checked by ChnLove and its cooperated agency. Chinese ladies must go through the process of identification authentication and SMS verification. And moreover, male members cannot get access to the profile of single Chinese women if they don’t sian up for Chn Love.

Third, ChnLove has wonderful and high-quality service and can help find a Chinese lady in the shortest time and provide a full package service including marriage visa. And it is not expensive for the dating services on ChnLove. After all, marriage is the most important event in the life of everyone and when we seek Chinese girl, safety comes first no matter which Asian dating site we are using. Neither of us want unhappiness during the process of seeking true love and we all long for true and romantic love.

All in all, if you have decided to establish an online relationship with a Chinese girl, find a trustful Chinese dating site. I have found my favourite Chinese wife on ChnLove and she is really gorgeous. And the service the site provided are excellent. According to my personal experience, ChnLove is an excellent choice. It is a reliable and serious dating site. I bet you can rely on it to find your dream Chinese girl.


Wedding Culture In China

A lot of western foreigners are fascinated with the Chinese culture and its long history. Some of these China big fans come a long way to study the Chinese language, its customs and people and even choose to settle down in China and find a Chinese wife. In that kind of atmosphere, dating Chinese girls  or marrying a Chinese woman become popular. While not all the foreigners have the chance to meet Chinese girls in their daily life, in that case they would like to get a Chinese girlfriend through internet dating sites, just like the Chnlove.com. Considering that China is a very traditional country and you want to marry a Chinese wife, I am here to provide you some information about Chinese wedding.

Chinese wedding culture

Chinese betrothal gifts

Chinese betrothal gifts Dowry or betrothal gifts. This is a particular social phenomena rooted in the traditional China culture. In the ancient China people send some cloth, seal and other things worthy as betrothal gifts to brides’ family expressing the thanks of raising girls from future husband to her parents. Then present China still keeps that custom but in a different way. People tend to give money as dowry but how much you should give is all depending on you. It is just one traditional Chinese way to show your gratitude to the family of your future Chinese wife.

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress Wedding dress. The traditional Chinese like the red colour! They regard it as the sign of happy and pleasant stuffs. Thus in the big wedding ceremony red things are seen everywhere, such red wedding dresses and red shoes. However, under the the influence of cross-culture, nowadays people in China like to have a western-style wedding, especially young people born after the 1980s.  China brides  think that wearing in the white wedding dress is so romantic and makes herself fell like the queen of that day. As a result, they will make it in the combination of Chinese and western styles. The bride will dress in white like the western brides waiting for her husband to take her home, then she will change to the Chinese traditional red wedding dress and red high-heels during the dinner time. As to the groom, it is much simpler. He is required to be in a suit and tie formally.

Chinese wedding party

Invite relatives and friends over for a big wedding dinner

Invite relatives and friends over for a big wedding dinner Invite friends and relatives over for a party dinner. About half a month before the wedding party, friends and relatives will receive an invitation card or just be informed by a phone call of the specific date and time to come over and get together, having dinner, drinking, chatting and celebrating the joy of a new marriage. One thing to keep in mind. Bring lucky money or some present. According to the Chinese custom, one should give the groom and bride a red envelop with some money in it to bless the marriage. But today some Chinese prefer to buy gifts like household electrical appliances to show blessing to the new couples.

Burning firecrackers and fireworks is a Chinese wedding tradition

Firecrackers bring more joy to the wedding

Firecrackers bring more joy to the wedding Firecrackers and fireworks. Whenever I hear the sound of burning firecrackers or see the beautiful firework shinning in the sky, I know it should be the big day for someone. Birthday of old parents, getting married, having a baby and so on, all of these pleasant things expect the exciting display of firecrackers and fireworks. But people living in the urban area are rarely allowed to burn these things in case of causing fire or hurting people. If you want to feel the very Chinese traditional merry atmosphere, come to countrysides where still have fun with firecrackers and fireworks.

Actually what I mentioned above just such a few of the Chinese wedding culture, but if you are interested in it, you can make a comment and I will answer you very soon. Hope this can help you build up smooth and good relation with your Chinese girlfriend or future wife.


Tips for Dating Chinese Girls

Chinese women from Chnlove

If you want to successfully date beautiful women in China, you need to master some tactics.

Have met a Chinese girl? Want to date her but don’t know how? Calm down, guys! Here are some great and helpful tips for dating Chinese girls,which are also useful when dating on Chnlove.

1. Be yourself and act naturally. Most guys are trying to be a perfect man, making everything look good and perfect, allowing no mistake happen. However, that is not you, the real you in life. Chinese girls want you to be natural, who have merits and disadvantage. They will try to be understandable and acceptable when finding out your disadvantage. So remember that they hate pretending good man and just be yourself.

2. Smile more and show friendliness. Everyone loves smile faces. So don’t be shy and show her your big, charming and attractive smile. Women in China always think that westerners are kind, nice and easy-going guys. They will feel comfortable and relaxed, and will talk everything happily with you based on the friendly smile. Trust me you will get great rewards from this tip.

3. Be brave and confess your love to her. Guys, if you really have a feeling for the girl, just tell her! Men always don’t want to tell the girls his love to her before they do, because they are afraid that the girls can not love them back as much as they do. Man, don’t be silly. Love is mutual thing. Besides, most Chinese girls are less active, so they won’t tell you the true feeling even they crazily fall in love with you. They want the man to figure it out by himself and tell them what’s in his mind. So say it out loud if you love her!

4. Aggressive? NO way. Westerners tend to be aggressive and controlling. But you shouldn’t be that. The informationization well develops, and a lot of Chinese girls get to know more about the western world and people, of course, through movies or by internet. In these girls’ opinions, men in western countries should be more polite, gentle and caring. They want to be loved, respected but not controlled. Therefore, if you really want to date a Chinese girl or get a Chinese wife, you shouldn’t be aggressive.

5. Bring her a little gift or some flowers. Girls like flowers or little things. The Chinese girls are no exception. If the girl you are going to date is naive and lovely, you can bring her some cute toy bears or dolls. If the lady is mature and graceful, it’s not wrong to send her flowers.

Hope these are helpful to you and wish you a wonderful relationship with your Chinese girl or lady.