Three "C’s" to Make You A Happy Marriage With Your Chinese Wife

happy marriage with Chinese wife

2013-1-4 is a special date in China, because the pronunciation of this date is similar as “love you forever” in Chinese. Many Chinese women choose this day to get married with their lovers. Unfortunately, some of the couples break up at the same time. There is a saying in China that marriage is the tomb of love, but how the couples who get married for many years can still hold hands and kiss a lot. I’d say my three biggest pieces of advice named as 3 “C” – Compatibility, Communication and Compromise.

1. Pay attention to the compatibility before finding Chinese women for marriage.

In a marriage that is to stand the test of time, romance is important, but compatibility is critical. Successful partners agree that they want to pursue the same life paths, values and goals and mutually commit to those paths, values and goals. Examples might include decisions to have children or not, to save or spend money, or to live frugally or extravagantly, etc. Although background factors such as whether partners come from similar family, religious or economic backgrounds or whether they have similar dating histories appear to be of less importance, they can also be the origin of the quarrels in future. So when you communicate with your Chinese girlfriend in Chnlove, please share your thought with your partner and get to know her opinion on these aspects.

2. Sufficient communication when conflicts arisen.

Not matter how compatible the two parties are, handling conflicts is an unavoidable lessen we need to learn in marriage. I’m a big believer in direct, meaningful communication when conflicts arise — but you have to choose the right time. You cannot be at problem-solving best when you’re angry. Come back to the situation when you’re not, and you can have a whole new perspective. Communication is also an art. So, if someone says “I hate you”, it’s better to say, “I’m sorry you feel that way” than “I hate you too!” Also, some timely humors can works as lubricant which helps to reduce the conflicts and diffuse the escalating heat. In happy marriages, couples naturally do this. They deflect the anger, and get back on an even keel.

3.Compromise when your partner stands firm on something.

Compromise is necessary in long-term relationships, but each partner has to feel that it’s reciprocal. When one spouse makes all the compromises, it’s uncomfortable for both — not just the one giving in. Traditionally?the male will take on the majority of financial obligations outside, while the female is responsible for the housework inside. Tradition has broken down significantly when women also have a high level of education and a well-paid job nowadays. They expect their husbands could also share some housework in family. Then an interesting phenomenon appears that wives doing the cooking and their husbands wash the dishes, which is the result of compromise. There is a famous joke in China- A husband said proudly ‘I’d make all the big decisions in the family and my wife makes all the little decisions. But in all these years together, there just haven’t been any big decisions.’ Of course, every family has its own stories. How to make a happy marriage is always an open topic. Do you have any experience or suggestions share with the buddies in Chnlove Club?


Dating Tips for US Men-Where to Meet Chinese Women For Marriage

beautiful Chinese girls for marriage

Find Beautiful Chinese Girls, Like Wendy, For Marriage!

If you(U.S. Citizen) asked the question: “ Where to meet Chinese women seeking for marriage?” ten years ago, it would be very hard to answer. While as the emergence of Chinese online dating sites, to set up a relationship with beautiful Chinese girls becomes much easier. You have no must to fly to China to seek for your Chinese romance, staying at home with a computer connected to internet is enough to begin your love journey. For those US single men seeking Chinese women for marriage, I highly recommend the site, ChnLove.com, which is the most popular dating site to find quality Chinese girls with secure dating environment efficient dating services.

According to what I know, there are thousands of men in the United States each year choose online dating websites to seek Chinese women for serious love or marriage. That’s because Chinese ladies come with beautiful looks, femininity and gracefulness. With such excellent conditions, they still hold marriage and family to the highest honor. For centuries, they have been conditioned by the tradition that males value more that females. A lot of Chinese men,especially those who have reached a great success feel that it’s their birth right to have a mistress. And this practice is becoming more and more unacceptable for modern Chinese women. What’s more, Chinese ladies learned that American men are much more trustworthy and romantic, which is the main factor driving them to seek American men as life partners. And online dating platforms offer the opposites genders with totally different nationalities a good chance to get together.

Now, we have confirmed that online dating sites are good options to meet Chinese women for marriage. The next important step is to gather the information on how to marry in China and bring your fiancee to the US. You can choose either K1 or K3 Visa to deal with. Compared to K1 Visa, K3 visa is more selectable since it would take shorter time for your Chinese girl to get the green card and a few hundreds dollars cheaper in fees. Maybe the legal process for filling the paperwork is complicated; however, don’t let it stop you from getting your dreamed lady to US.

After you settle the Visa issue, the next step is to marry your girl in China. This could be the most rewarding journey for every prospective American grooms. Before flying to the hometown of your Chinese girl to marry her, take time to firstly know about the local traditions, which will make the marriage process much smoother.

I should say that online dating sites are definitely good choices to find the Chinese girl of your dream, as only as you use the right way to go! If you are still single and want to find yourself an amazing Chinese wife, sign up ChnLove Asia to have a try!


ChnLove Review: Difference Between Chinese and Western Women

Chinese Christmas Girls

Share Your Christmas Spirit With Your Dreamed Chinese Girl on ChnLove.com!

As China continues to open to the outside world, mixed marriage becomes more and more popular. Many western men wish to marry Chinese women because they are skinny, pretty, and sexy. Although lots of western girls are pretty and sexy too, the way to express beauty is quite different due to the disparity of culture and national conditions. Here are some major difference between Chinese women and western women-ChnLove Review.

1. Chinese women tends to be more tolerant.

Chinese women are more willing to bear the burden of hard work. The American women prefer complaining, while the Chinese ones, especially those women who live in the rural areas, are more contained with few complains when treated unfairly. Besides, Chinese women are more tolerant to their husbands compared with their western counterparts. Few wives in China will divorce with their husbands who have love affairs with other women, while, to western wives, cheating is absolutely intolerant and in most of the cases, divorce is the only solution.

2. Chinese women for marriage lay more emphasis on their husbands.

Western women will value their own freedom and happiness most. They will never love boyfriends more than themselves. In this term, Chinese women are quite opposite–they love their husband far more than themselves. When Chinese woman fall in love with a man, she will devote all to the man, mentally and physically. Although some Chinese women are as smart as their husbands, they still want to let their husbands to take the lead in the family and show enough respects.

3. Chinese women will be more cautious in finding their life partner.

In the eyes of western women, marriage is a private matter and no one can intervene without permit. They have the right to live with the person they like. But once they find that their marriage is a mistake, they will make the second choice, because it is brutal to force two people who don’t love each other any more to live together. Compared with them, Chinese women wish to live with their husband in their lifetime once they get married. For them, marriage is very important and once a Chinese woman commits to her partner she does so for life.

Therefore, Chinese women are always cautious and prudent to choose their husband. Even though she really loves him, she would take his characters, education, health and career into account, because it is a decision that will determine her life. However, Chinese women can not spend much time to look for their Mr. Right as well. They will face huge pressure from society and family if they haven’t got married when they are over Thirties. For western women, this kind of pressure is nowhere to find. No matter how old they are, they always have pursuers. Chinese women seldom have pursuers when they get old.

Chinese women believe more in fate than western women, they believe no matter whom they will marry to; it must be the arrangement of the God. Are you that predestined gentleman to give happiness to these beautiful Chinese girls? Search your special lady on Chnlove now.


How to Find Chinese Women For Marriage?

Find Quality Chinese Wife on ChnLove.com

Find Quality Chinese Wife on ChnLove.com!

In China, there are a great number of single women who want to marry a western guy. And many western men are successful in finding themselves a Chinese wife, via Chinese dating site or international matchmaking agencies.

If you have made up your mind to meet a Chinese woman to marry and then start a unique family. Below come the steps you can take to find a potential oriental bride.

Step 1, take priority to thoroughly understand immigration laws. Even if you have successfully found a woman in China and make her your fiancee, it can still take up to years for your wife to become a permanent resident.

You should know that immigration through marriage is harder than immigration through a blood relative or employer. You and your wife have to collect strong evidence that she didn’t marry you just to live in the US. On that case, both of you need to get very well preparation. Prove that you two have known each other for at least one year before getting married.

Step 2, find yourself a reliable Chinese dating site, which is of great importance before starting dating a Chinese woman since it decides the quality of the girls, and your success possibility. Suppose you have friends or relatives who have successfully found their wives in China, then ask them for recommending a site.

Step 3, pay attention to your outlooks, manners, health and hygiene so as to leave a good impression. There goes a misconception that a ‘Mail order bride’ will marry any American guy to get a green card. It’s not true! Chinese women have their stands on choosing future partners, even though the process proceeds via online dating platforms.

Step 4, try your best to learn Chinese. You should be noticed that Chinese women appreciates the western guys who can speak Chinese because they consider that manner a kind of respect. Apart from having a smooth communication with your Chinese girl, you can also make a good impression on her family if you can speak Chinese. What’s more, it also looks good to immigration officials.

Step 5, if you have confirmed a relationship with the Chinese girl via online dating site, you should manage time to fly to see her. Most men make at least two trips to get to know their girls and families. When arriving there, you need to figure out something. For instance, make sure she is of legal age, is not already married to someone or betrothed to someone else.

Step 6, when you two have decided to marry each other, get all the immigration paperwork ready in advance, so that you can file the forms as soon as possible once your marriage is certified.

Successfully finding a Chinese wife is not easy but also not that difficult as only as you get enough preparation!