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Actually I was pretty interested in oversea love relationship, coz I am one of having this relationship before and now my wife is applying the immigration visa to Canada. Well, I am happy with sharing my personal experience with you guys, and I think I am lucky to meet my Chinese woman on Chnlove.com. Perhaps it would give you some ideas about getting a Chinese woman.


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Um…actually I am a 49 years old plumber this year, the relationship with my wife began 4 years ago. I divorced with my ex-wife when my boy was 5 years old, he lived with me after that. Now he grew up and went to America for his anthropology research, it sounds a bit difficult for me to understand his research. Perhaps here is a gap between X and Y generation.

Ok, about my Chinese woman, our first time to know each was on Chnlove.com. My son went to America for a year at that time. I live alone in Canada, I go to work everyday. Sometime I feel lonely at home, I want someone can talk to me anytime. Then, I went to different dating sites for making friends. One day I saw a Chinese woman who was 42 years old, I can feel her honest on her fact. Actually she isn’t that petty but appearing sincere eyes sign, and her profile is a bit similar with mine, divorced and have a boy. That was the first time I used Cupid note to send my interest to a Chinese woman, and lucky I got feedback. Unfortunately, we didn’t keep in touch after the first note for nearly a year, I even unemployed in late november 2008. Well, she was the first Chinese woman I sent the note and got feedback.

Come on! that was the first time I through I hadn’t got a family and live alone! I really remembered her and tried to contact her by EMF mail. I just asked her about daily life, then she told me she lost her job in March 2008, she was busy with looking for a job! Since the first EMF mail, we contact each other like once a month. We talked about just simple things in our daily lives. We tried to understand each other deeper via emails.

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Two years later, I went to China and met my Chinese woman at Guangzhou airport, and she looked a little bit shorter than I thought. Anyway, she went to Guangzhou to pick me up, coz she normally live in Zhongshan. That is the first time I met her in person. I stayed in Zhongshan for 2 weeks and lived with her family. I can understand why I didn’t receive any feedback from her since the first Cupid note, coz she was busy with working to survive and taking good care of her mum and a 12 years old son. What a hard working Chinese woman! Well… after those three weeks, we knew each other better then I came back to Canada, still keep in touch by email and phone. A particular point I want to say, she went to learn some basic English, so I also learnt some simple Chinese from her, as thus we can call each other sometimes.

I went to China again in Christmas 2011, we married in China. Now she is applying her permanent resident visa to Canada. Our process to know each other did take time and finally we married! So I really trust the Chnlove.com, it did bring me a real Chinese wife. Hopefully my personal experience can give you some tips about Chinese women, and you can find your wife soon!