Chnlove Review: Head to Your Happy Life With Your Chinese Wife

Chinese girl from Chnlove

How many times did you think to yourself that life without a family and children is not something you really enjoy, how many times were you cold and lonely at night in a big but empty house? Why don’t you end this sad life and head to a happy one? A Chinese wife may help you with this, if they are your favourite.

Chnlove offers men a unique chance to meet Chinese ladies

Chnlove offers men a unique chance to meet nice looking, young and marriage minded girls from China mainland who are in the same point of their life where they want to have a family and settle down. As you probably heard Chinese ladies are not only very beautiful and charming, but very nice and kind. One thing that guys from abroad always notice is that ladies here are good wives and loving mothers. Yes, the ladies are dreaming about finding the right man to create a happy family with, and enjoy the happiness in the rest of their lives. Different from the old days when most Chinese women are conservative and stay at home to take care of their husbands and children, almost all ladies nowadays have jobs, and do a good job in their career. But  the same as before, family life is always their main priority in life after they get married. They are very feminine and would like to devote herself to her family.

Chnlove Review:”A good wife is a treasure, so you have to look for it”

There is an old saying: “A good wife is a treasure, so you have to look for it”, I am sure in your professional life you are not just sitting there and waiting for things to happen, you are working hard to have a good career, so why do you think passive looking for a right Chinese girl is the way of success.

Chnlove is useful enough for you to meet a future Chinese wife. You can browse profiles for free, send cupid notes to show interests, receive admiration mails from those beautiful ladies who have interest in you. You can write to the Chinese women messages via EMF mails and the agency will help you translate them and forward to the ladies accordingly. …More would be discussed after you experience it yourself. So, what for hesitating? Look for your Chinese wife now and make effort to your happy life!


My Chinese Girlfriend Doesn’t Answer My Questions, Chnlove is fake?

Chinese girl from Chnlove

Classic Beauty From Chnlove: How Many of You Can Resist Her Charm?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It is not just the title of a bestselling book but it is the reality that we must face in our relationship. When you meet a beautiful Chinese lady on Chnlove, you find she is absolutely great. Your have tons and tons of things in common – music, movies and even philosophy. Everything seems fine. However, you may puzzle why she doesn’t like to answer your questions in the mails. Is she serious with your relationship? Chnlove is fake? The man spends a life long time trying to get to know the women. But it always failed. When your lady ignores your questions, have you ever thought of the reasons below?

First of all, the character of the girl you date with on Chnlove Club.

Your lady might be a shy and introvert person. She is rather to be a listener than a talker in her daily life. Actually it is hard to change an old habit we have formed for years. Also, she might as well be attentive as you are and value this relationship very much, so she doesn’t want any inappropriate answers to ruin it. I would say just talk about any subject that you are both interested in, be understanding and patience. Take your time and go at her pace. If you think she is highly likely to be the one that you want to spend your lifetime with, get to know her better, also let her know you better. Bring up subjects like how do you want your future life to be, and marriage, kids, etc.

Secondly, pay attention to the quality of your questions.

Online dating doesn’t like dating face to face, there might be more uncertainties. It is understandable that you may ask many questions to make sure she is the real lady as showed in her profile. But have you ever thought of the lady’s feeling as she faces a million of questions doubting her existence. Believe me, no matter how polite or obscure your questions are, the lady can sense your distrust to the relationship. Women are genius in this field. Under this situation, Chinese women prefer to keep their true feeling deep in their heart, so even if they feel offended, they might not express it directly. They will either choose to ignore your questions or answer it in a tricky way. I believe this is not the result you are expecting for.

Thirdly, why not change another way to date Chinese girl?

If, your questions are about her opinion, her emotions or just trying to get to know her better, well, that is a different story. Here are some examples of some fun questions that you can ask your girlfriend and make her at ease around you. 1.What do you think is the best place in this world for honeymoon? 2.Are you interested in traveling? If yes, what would be your dream destination? 3.Do you have any habits, which you find rather odd or what is the worst habit you thinks you have?


Chnlove Is Fake?

Chinese women from Chnlove

Chinese women on Chnlove are seriously looking for a lifetime partner!

When I see people calling Chnlove a “fake”, I can fully understand them as I myself had this same feeling once. A lot of times we put a label on someone or something without investigating them first, and I feel I have to share my experiences with Chnlove to those with doubts.

My Chnlove Story: Chnlove is not a fake!

When I joined Chnlove.com, I would like to find a special person of my dreams. I never thought that I would find the person who was a wonderful match for me, though I enjoyed nice communication with ladies on this site. While, something unexpected happened.

In the first beginning, I received many admirer letters from beautiful young Chinese women. I wrote to a few of them. I searched the catalog and found a reasonable match. We exchanged very nice letters, then she started inviting me to come visit her in China. I felt excited while I did have visions of arriving in China and finding no lady was there to meet me, but I gambled. When I went to China, she met me at the airport. Everything was real. We actually had a great time together, although we had some drama at times. We’re now happily married. My point is, my experience was not a fake at all. I was on the alert for it and prepared myself not to be scammed.

Don’t blame Chnlove as fake for your own failure.

Individually every person and every situation will be unique. After studying some Chnlove Scam comments, I fund one thing in common—-their authors could not work out their love stories with ladies. If you have failure don’t blame Chnlove. It’s an easy excuse for your own dilemmas. It’s true that the ladies’ photos are photo-shopped, but I’m sure most of the ladies are real and they are sincere about wanting to marry a western man. What you should do is to be cautious before you run into a relationship. Don’t fall in love after merely viewing a few retouched photos and some translated letters. If your are sucked into lovey dovey EMFs you’re a fool. Stop believing in fairy tales but focus on real facts. If you’re conscious enough, you would not being scammed and will not think Chnlove is fake. You have nobody to blame but yourself.


Chnlove Date: American Men-Hot Choice of Chinese Girls, Why?

Chinese brides

Find Your Chinese Bride at Chnlove.com

I’m writing to find out the root causes for the popularity of oversea marriage. My objective is to give recommendations to American guys who’re keen to locate a Chinese girl as lifetime companion, and make it easier to to recognize the faces in oversea marriage, to get a high results rate and superior match.

There’s no doubt that more and more Chinese girls pick a cross-cultural partnership. It can be partly ascribed to the adjustment of the society and people’s values and partly to the distinct qualities of the girls in China and American males.

Chnlove Date: How Chinese Women Think About American Men

Inside the eyes of female Chinese singles, American men have a lot of distinctive features that Chinese males don’t possess. It can be such a uniqueness that attracts Chinese women.

American males do not stay inside the superficial requirements like appearance and figure on picking a life partner. They care more about the inner side of Chinese wives. They look after their sorrow and desires at any time. Females in China are generally moved by their adore and thoughtfulness. Even so, most of Chinese guys concentrate additional on the appearance and take this factor probably the most essential in deciding the life companion, which has disappointed Chinese females.

Second, American gentlemen usually do not concern the ages as substantially as Chinese guys do because they quietly know that they are looking for true enjoy instead of a beauty only for daily appreciation. Just have a browse on the ads for a life companion on newspapers or on the internet and we are able to find that: In the majority of Chinese ads, males set an age limit and hope that girls are younger though in American ads most of them don’t do so. In America, several American guys marry China ladies who’re 5 years elder or extra. It is prevalent in America but from the point of Chinese men’s views, it is truly unimaginable.

Thirdly, American males are generous with their treacly words to partners. A lot of Chinese ladies like to stay with American men simply because they really feel very good when staying with them. Although you are bestowed a common look,you can nevertheless win the praise for your talents, fine qualities and smartness. A superb man will focus more on the inner side of a woman for the reason that the virtues would brighten her. It is actually what American males feel! American gentlemen who’ve a high education will constantly respect and appreciate their spouse. They would bring surprise to their spouse from time to time. On the other hand, the requirement of Chinese guys on choosing a wife is firstly referring to the look. The second is age. Chinese guys seldom send flowers and gifts to their partners after marriage. They just give money, which can be not enough inside the eyes of Chinese women.

How American Guys See Chinese Women

American guys prefer to favor Chinese women for their unique virtues that females in American don’t have. To start with, Chinese wives are diligent in work, tender and pretty in look. Apart from this, the most important reason is the fact that they’re not material girls. American ladies might be hardworking but not tender, sexy but not sweet and considerate.

For the modern American guys who are still single and want to find a Chinese wife in a quick and efficient approach, to sign up Chnlove and become a Chnlove member could be a nice option to realize the dream since this site is the largest Chnlove dating platform in Asia with friendly-used communication tools as well as quality and diverse Chinese girls for selection.

To sum up, the special functions of Chinese Women bring about the uprising quantity of Chinese brides in cross-cultural marriage. If you’re an American man searching for a Chinese bride, there is no doubt that this article should be useful for you in personal. Finally, wish you a happy date with your Chinese girl!


Chnlove Date: How do Chinese and Western Gentlemen See Chinese Women?

Chinese women from Chnlove

the Peacock Queen on Chnlove

Most of Chinese women sometimes would be regarded as passive, indecisive and weak. While as my observation from another group of modern women, they are entirely a different style and taste. They “rush out of Asia and march into the world”, they marry western gentlemen. In the ancient time, Chinese women were forced to travel a long distance to marry men for a country’s peace. While nowadays, modern women take their initiatives to find their true happiness. Chnlove date is becoming more and more popular. In the eyes of Chinese and Western gentlemen, Chinese women differ a lot in many aspects. Below, let ‘s get deeper into the specific differences.

Different Opinions on the Ages of Chinese Women

There is a distinct feature among Chinese men, no matter they are 20, 30, 50 or even 80 years old, they tend to be fascinated by ladies in 20 to 30, they would like to date and marry Chinese women in this age range. I don’t think these ladies are all innocent and easy-manageable. Actually, they are powerful in their survival ability, creativity ability and physical ability. From this point of view, Chinese men seems to be brave enough to set their targets on young women in 20s and 30s. In contrast, western gentlemen regard this differently. They tend to prefer women who have very similar ideas and values in life as them. As to the age, ladies can be in their ages, can be far more older than them., age is not an important element to them.

Their Diverse Opinions on the Chnlove Women With Children

Another big difference between Chinese and western culture is attitude towards children. Chinese men pay high attention to carry on their family generation, they only value their own children. In a society with high divorce rate, they prefer single Chinese women with no children, as they regard the children as a burden. While in western counties, gentlemen focus on raising rather than caring about whose children they are. When they get married with their beloved ladies, they also welcome children from their wives’ former marriages. Using their words, to marry a wife is as to buy a Rolex watch, the children are clocks they get as a gift, they have made a profit.

Nowadays, more and more Chinese women turn to find western gentlemen as their love partners, as we can see that so many international marriages flourish. Because western gentlemen have virtues that Chinese men do not have. Except for good characteristics mentioned above, western gentlemen are gentle and considerate, they always generously express their love to their favourite ladies by speaking out “darling”, “sweet heart”, “I love you”, etc. Most women like honeyed words, especially after handling chores for husbands and children.