How ChnLove Prevents Dating Scams and Fraud

How Does ChnLove Deal With Onlien Dating Scam

Unfortunately, there are dishonest people trying to take advantage of loopholes in every industry, and it’s the job of hard-working professionals to stamp them out with effective security and management. When it comes to online dating, it’s no different. From cutting-edge data encryption to hands-on document checks, here are some of the ways that ChnLove stops scammers in their tracks.

The first step is data protection. Ask any major bank their primary concern when it comes to online transactions, and the answer will be data privacy. To ensure that personal banking numbers and information is never compromised, ChnLove utilizes GeoTrust and Trustwave, two of the leading authorities in online data encryption and security. They are recognized by all the major credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as the major banks, so you can rest assured that your payments and personal information are 100% protected.

The next critical step to preventing scams when it comes to dating beautiful Chinese girls online, is making sure that each and every profile is verified and authenticated. ChnLove collects an industry-high standard of information from every lady on the site, such as Chinese citizen’s ID card, mobile number, signed application form, proof of marriage/single documents and proof of address. In addition, ladies’ mobile numbers are verified through a text messaging system. This gauntlet of application procedures turns away not only scammers, but also ladies who are not extremely serious about finding love on the platform. As a result, the ladies who do have their profiles posted are generally quite serious about finding a partner.

There are more and more cases these days of men trying to defraud Chinese women on dating sites. Men from poor countries in Africa or the Middle East who pose as a wealthy American or European gentleman to establish contact with a Chinese lady and then make excuses to “borrow” money. But this new kind of fraud also hit the stumbling block as ChnLove introduced a security measure to set ladies’ hearts at ease: The Qpid Seal. This free profile verification system lets gentlemen on the site show their sincerity and authenticity to ladies by verifying their profile information. When a lady sees The Qpid Seal, she knows that ChnLove has authenticated his profile, so she doesn’t need to worry about his intentions. Would-be scammers can’t pass the verification, but you can get the Qpid Seal to show ladies your sincerity and integrity.

With these strict measure, ChnLove members can rest easy knowing that their online dating experience is safe and secure. But even so, it’s always recommended to use caution and common sense in dating, and remember that effective communication is the key to the success of any relationship.


Three "C’s" to Make You A Happy Marriage With Your Chinese Wife

happy marriage with Chinese wife

2013-1-4 is a special date in China, because the pronunciation of this date is similar as “love you forever” in Chinese. Many Chinese women choose this day to get married with their lovers. Unfortunately, some of the couples break up at the same time. There is a saying in China that marriage is the tomb of love, but how the couples who get married for many years can still hold hands and kiss a lot. I’d say my three biggest pieces of advice named as 3 “C” – Compatibility, Communication and Compromise.

1. Pay attention to the compatibility before finding Chinese women for marriage.

In a marriage that is to stand the test of time, romance is important, but compatibility is critical. Successful partners agree that they want to pursue the same life paths, values and goals and mutually commit to those paths, values and goals. Examples might include decisions to have children or not, to save or spend money, or to live frugally or extravagantly, etc. Although background factors such as whether partners come from similar family, religious or economic backgrounds or whether they have similar dating histories appear to be of less importance, they can also be the origin of the quarrels in future. So when you communicate with your Chinese girlfriend in Chnlove, please share your thought with your partner and get to know her opinion on these aspects.

2. Sufficient communication when conflicts arisen.

Not matter how compatible the two parties are, handling conflicts is an unavoidable lessen we need to learn in marriage. I’m a big believer in direct, meaningful communication when conflicts arise — but you have to choose the right time. You cannot be at problem-solving best when you’re angry. Come back to the situation when you’re not, and you can have a whole new perspective. Communication is also an art. So, if someone says “I hate you”, it’s better to say, “I’m sorry you feel that way” than “I hate you too!” Also, some timely humors can works as lubricant which helps to reduce the conflicts and diffuse the escalating heat. In happy marriages, couples naturally do this. They deflect the anger, and get back on an even keel.

3.Compromise when your partner stands firm on something.

Compromise is necessary in long-term relationships, but each partner has to feel that it’s reciprocal. When one spouse makes all the compromises, it’s uncomfortable for both — not just the one giving in. Traditionally?the male will take on the majority of financial obligations outside, while the female is responsible for the housework inside. Tradition has broken down significantly when women also have a high level of education and a well-paid job nowadays. They expect their husbands could also share some housework in family. Then an interesting phenomenon appears that wives doing the cooking and their husbands wash the dishes, which is the result of compromise. There is a famous joke in China- A husband said proudly ‘I’d make all the big decisions in the family and my wife makes all the little decisions. But in all these years together, there just haven’t been any big decisions.’ Of course, every family has its own stories. How to make a happy marriage is always an open topic. Do you have any experience or suggestions share with the buddies in Chnlove Club?


ChnLove Review: Difference Between Chinese and Western Women

Chinese Christmas Girls

Share Your Christmas Spirit With Your Dreamed Chinese Girl on ChnLove.com!

As China continues to open to the outside world, mixed marriage becomes more and more popular. Many western men wish to marry Chinese women because they are skinny, pretty, and sexy. Although lots of western girls are pretty and sexy too, the way to express beauty is quite different due to the disparity of culture and national conditions. Here are some major difference between Chinese women and western women-ChnLove Review.

1. Chinese women tends to be more tolerant.

Chinese women are more willing to bear the burden of hard work. The American women prefer complaining, while the Chinese ones, especially those women who live in the rural areas, are more contained with few complains when treated unfairly. Besides, Chinese women are more tolerant to their husbands compared with their western counterparts. Few wives in China will divorce with their husbands who have love affairs with other women, while, to western wives, cheating is absolutely intolerant and in most of the cases, divorce is the only solution.

2. Chinese women for marriage lay more emphasis on their husbands.

Western women will value their own freedom and happiness most. They will never love boyfriends more than themselves. In this term, Chinese women are quite opposite–they love their husband far more than themselves. When Chinese woman fall in love with a man, she will devote all to the man, mentally and physically. Although some Chinese women are as smart as their husbands, they still want to let their husbands to take the lead in the family and show enough respects.

3. Chinese women will be more cautious in finding their life partner.

In the eyes of western women, marriage is a private matter and no one can intervene without permit. They have the right to live with the person they like. But once they find that their marriage is a mistake, they will make the second choice, because it is brutal to force two people who don’t love each other any more to live together. Compared with them, Chinese women wish to live with their husband in their lifetime once they get married. For them, marriage is very important and once a Chinese woman commits to her partner she does so for life.

Therefore, Chinese women are always cautious and prudent to choose their husband. Even though she really loves him, she would take his characters, education, health and career into account, because it is a decision that will determine her life. However, Chinese women can not spend much time to look for their Mr. Right as well. They will face huge pressure from society and family if they haven’t got married when they are over Thirties. For western women, this kind of pressure is nowhere to find. No matter how old they are, they always have pursuers. Chinese women seldom have pursuers when they get old.

Chinese women believe more in fate than western women, they believe no matter whom they will marry to; it must be the arrangement of the God. Are you that predestined gentleman to give happiness to these beautiful Chinese girls? Search your special lady on Chnlove now.


ChnLove Christmas 2012 Sweepstakes

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ChnLove Christmas 2012 Sweepstakes

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Is Chnlove A Fake or Safe Dating Site?

Beautiful Chinese girls on ChnLove.com are serious looking for a lifetime partner!

Beautiful Chinese girls on ChnLove.com are serious looking for a lifetime partner!

For those who have watched negative comments about Chnlove, there will be two reactions. Some would believe it is a fake and left without any in-depth knowledge, some would try to find out the truth themselves with uncertainty. Here are some points to consider when signing up on Chnlove, you will find it out yourself whether Chnlove is a fake or safe dating site. Below questions would help you to some extent!

Question 1: Is there any Privacy Policy posted on Chnlove?

Does Chnlove have a Privacy Policy? Does Chnlove protect your information? Does it sell your email address to “like-minded companies”? You’ll find a link towards the bottom of its web page, also take a peek at the Terms of Use page, all answers to questions above can be found.

Question 2: Is Chnlove’s copyright current?

A simple way to check the age and veracity of any dating personals website is to look for the copyright date. If it’s older than the current year, you may want to look elsewhere.

Question 3: Does Chnlove’s layout look lovely?

If you have any uncertainty about Chnlove, you may browse around it as much as you can without actually signing up. Is it clean, easy to navigate or clear of any annoying advertisements or missing graphics? A poorly developed dating site usually means poorly managed information – something that you can’t afford to risk.

Question 4: Are Chnlove ladies screened in any way?

All profiles listed on Chnlove are submitted by local agencies with whom Chnlove cooperates. While before Chnlove post these profiles on the site, a screening and verification process is taken by a verification team, only profiles which comply with the strict requirements can be uploaded. Random routine checks would also be taken to eliminate any suspicion of fake profiles.

Question 5: Are the profiles of Chinese ladies on Chnlove well-written?

Review those beautiful Chinese girls who fit your dating criteria. Are their profiles well-written, or do they seem nonsensical? Chinese women who are sincere and serious to find their life partner would pay more attention to their profiles, trying to showed themselves truly and perfectly for their potential Mr. Right.

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, a fake dating site can not withstand the tests. Test Chnlove yourself, you will find out whether Chnlove scam is true or not. Then you can make up your mind to whether to find your true love on Chnlove.com.


Why Most of Chnlove Ladies Post Professional Photos? Chnlove Scam?

Gorgeous Lady on Chnlove.com

Gorgeous Lady on Chnlove.com

When you login Chnlove dating site, you may be breathless to find out there are so many beautiful ladies in the world. For a man who wants to find a serious relationship, it is understandable that some questions or doubts might be arisen. Does the lady look as beautiful as the photos posted in her profile? Why don’t they put on their natural photos? Chnlove scam?

As the number of users on online dating sites increase, it becomes harder for people to get themselves noticed. The lady with an attractive photo can stand out of thousands of competitors, and then they will have a greater chance of finding their ideal mate. After all, we only have one chance to make a first impression. Imagine when you find someone who has the same interest, values; enjoy the same activities, sports, movies and foods as you. You are the perfect match. However, the lady’s photo in her profile is too blurry or too far away to see, what would you choose? Would you give a try to contact her or just pass on to the next profile with a great portrait? Men are visual; I believe most of men will choose the latter. Wise Chinese women of course won’t let this happen. Most of them are willing to invest time and money to go to studio to take a series of photos to put on their profile. In a sense, it can be regarded as an investment in happiness and future life. These photos are intended to represent ladies at their best, not to mislead people into thinking they’re someone that they’re not. Chnlove would not tolerate such kind of behavior either.

Chnlove Review: How to get to know more aspects of these pretty Chinese girls?

Everyone has his/her expectation towards the partner’s appearance. Therefore it is essential to get to know more about each other during the communication. You may encourage your lady to send you some natural photos which were taken recently, showing her in an activity that she like to do. Offer one of you first – “Here’s me rollerblading last Saturday, do you have a picture of you in the last couple weekends doing something you like to do?” When you get to see more shots, more angles, you will get a better sense of whether you have chemistry. Some of the ladies might not be confident to show their natural photos without any makeup or Photoshop at the early stage of the relationship. Under this situation, doubts or compelling can only make things worse. You may try your best to convince her that you cherish more about her inner beauty. As long as you show your understanding and respects, we believe the lady will be more and more willing to show more aspects to you.


Chnlove Review: Head to Your Happy Life With Your Chinese Wife

Chinese girl from Chnlove

How many times did you think to yourself that life without a family and children is not something you really enjoy, how many times were you cold and lonely at night in a big but empty house? Why don’t you end this sad life and head to a happy one? A Chinese wife may help you with this, if they are your favourite.

Chnlove offers men a unique chance to meet Chinese ladies

Chnlove offers men a unique chance to meet nice looking, young and marriage minded girls from China mainland who are in the same point of their life where they want to have a family and settle down. As you probably heard Chinese ladies are not only very beautiful and charming, but very nice and kind. One thing that guys from abroad always notice is that ladies here are good wives and loving mothers. Yes, the ladies are dreaming about finding the right man to create a happy family with, and enjoy the happiness in the rest of their lives. Different from the old days when most Chinese women are conservative and stay at home to take care of their husbands and children, almost all ladies nowadays have jobs, and do a good job in their career. But  the same as before, family life is always their main priority in life after they get married. They are very feminine and would like to devote herself to her family.

Chnlove Review:”A good wife is a treasure, so you have to look for it”

There is an old saying: “A good wife is a treasure, so you have to look for it”, I am sure in your professional life you are not just sitting there and waiting for things to happen, you are working hard to have a good career, so why do you think passive looking for a right Chinese girl is the way of success.

Chnlove is useful enough for you to meet a future Chinese wife. You can browse profiles for free, send cupid notes to show interests, receive admiration mails from those beautiful ladies who have interest in you. You can write to the Chinese women messages via EMF mails and the agency will help you translate them and forward to the ladies accordingly. …More would be discussed after you experience it yourself. So, what for hesitating? Look for your Chinese wife now and make effort to your happy life!


Chnlove Is Fake?

Chinese women from Chnlove

Chinese women on Chnlove are seriously looking for a lifetime partner!

When I see people calling Chnlove a “fake”, I can fully understand them as I myself had this same feeling once. A lot of times we put a label on someone or something without investigating them first, and I feel I have to share my experiences with Chnlove to those with doubts.

My Chnlove Story: Chnlove is not a fake!

When I joined Chnlove.com, I would like to find a special person of my dreams. I never thought that I would find the person who was a wonderful match for me, though I enjoyed nice communication with ladies on this site. While, something unexpected happened.

In the first beginning, I received many admirer letters from beautiful young Chinese women. I wrote to a few of them. I searched the catalog and found a reasonable match. We exchanged very nice letters, then she started inviting me to come visit her in China. I felt excited while I did have visions of arriving in China and finding no lady was there to meet me, but I gambled. When I went to China, she met me at the airport. Everything was real. We actually had a great time together, although we had some drama at times. We’re now happily married. My point is, my experience was not a fake at all. I was on the alert for it and prepared myself not to be scammed.

Don’t blame Chnlove as fake for your own failure.

Individually every person and every situation will be unique. After studying some Chnlove Scam comments, I fund one thing in common—-their authors could not work out their love stories with ladies. If you have failure don’t blame Chnlove. It’s an easy excuse for your own dilemmas. It’s true that the ladies’ photos are photo-shopped, but I’m sure most of the ladies are real and they are sincere about wanting to marry a western man. What you should do is to be cautious before you run into a relationship. Don’t fall in love after merely viewing a few retouched photos and some translated letters. If your are sucked into lovey dovey EMFs you’re a fool. Stop believing in fairy tales but focus on real facts. If you’re conscious enough, you would not being scammed and will not think Chnlove is fake. You have nobody to blame but yourself.