Tips for Dating Chinese Girls

Chinese women from Chnlove

If you want to successfully date beautiful women in China, you need to master some tactics.

Have met a Chinese girl? Want to date her but don’t know how? Calm down, guys! Here are some great and helpful tips for dating Chinese girls,which are also useful when dating on Chnlove.

1. Be yourself and act naturally. Most guys are trying to be a perfect man, making everything look good and perfect, allowing no mistake happen. However, that is not you, the real you in life. Chinese girls want you to be natural, who have merits and disadvantage. They will try to be understandable and acceptable when finding out your disadvantage. So remember that they hate pretending good man and just be yourself.

2. Smile more and show friendliness. Everyone loves smile faces. So don’t be shy and show her your big, charming and attractive smile. Women in China always think that westerners are kind, nice and easy-going guys. They will feel comfortable and relaxed, and will talk everything happily with you based on the friendly smile. Trust me you will get great rewards from this tip.

3. Be brave and confess your love to her. Guys, if you really have a feeling for the girl, just tell her! Men always don’t want to tell the girls his love to her before they do, because they are afraid that the girls can not love them back as much as they do. Man, don’t be silly. Love is mutual thing. Besides, most Chinese girls are less active, so they won’t tell you the true feeling even they crazily fall in love with you. They want the man to figure it out by himself and tell them what’s in his mind. So say it out loud if you love her!

4. Aggressive? NO way. Westerners tend to be aggressive and controlling. But you shouldn’t be that. The informationization well develops, and a lot of Chinese girls get to know more about the western world and people, of course, through movies or by internet. In these girls’ opinions, men in western countries should be more polite, gentle and caring. They want to be loved, respected but not controlled. Therefore, if you really want to date a Chinese girl or get a Chinese wife, you shouldn’t be aggressive.

5. Bring her a little gift or some flowers. Girls like flowers or little things. The Chinese girls are no exception. If the girl you are going to date is naive and lovely, you can bring her some cute toy bears or dolls. If the lady is mature and graceful, it’s not wrong to send her flowers.

Hope these are helpful to you and wish you a wonderful relationship with your Chinese girl or lady.