Wedding Culture In China

A lot of western foreigners are fascinated with the Chinese culture and its long history. Some of these China big fans come a long way to study the Chinese language, its customs and people and even choose to settle down in China and find a Chinese wife. In that kind of atmosphere, dating Chinese girls  or marrying a Chinese woman become popular. While not all the foreigners have the chance to meet Chinese girls in their daily life, in that case they would like to get a Chinese girlfriend through internet dating sites, just like the Considering that China is a very traditional country and you want to marry a Chinese wife, I am here to provide you some information about Chinese wedding.

Chinese wedding culture

Chinese betrothal gifts

Chinese betrothal gifts Dowry or betrothal gifts. This is a particular social phenomena rooted in the traditional China culture. In the ancient China people send some cloth, seal and other things worthy as betrothal gifts to brides’ family expressing the thanks of raising girls from future husband to her parents. Then present China still keeps that custom but in a different way. People tend to give money as dowry but how much you should give is all depending on you. It is just one traditional Chinese way to show your gratitude to the family of your future Chinese wife.

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress

Chinese bride in western style wedding dress Wedding dress. The traditional Chinese like the red colour! They regard it as the sign of happy and pleasant stuffs. Thus in the big wedding ceremony red things are seen everywhere, such red wedding dresses and red shoes. However, under the the influence of cross-culture, nowadays people in China like to have a western-style wedding, especially young people born after the 1980s.  China brides  think that wearing in the white wedding dress is so romantic and makes herself fell like the queen of that day. As a result, they will make it in the combination of Chinese and western styles. The bride will dress in white like the western brides waiting for her husband to take her home, then she will change to the Chinese traditional red wedding dress and red high-heels during the dinner time. As to the groom, it is much simpler. He is required to be in a suit and tie formally.

Chinese wedding party

Invite relatives and friends over for a big wedding dinner

Invite relatives and friends over for a big wedding dinner Invite friends and relatives over for a party dinner. About half a month before the wedding party, friends and relatives will receive an invitation card or just be informed by a phone call of the specific date and time to come over and get together, having dinner, drinking, chatting and celebrating the joy of a new marriage. One thing to keep in mind. Bring lucky money or some present. According to the Chinese custom, one should give the groom and bride a red envelop with some money in it to bless the marriage. But today some Chinese prefer to buy gifts like household electrical appliances to show blessing to the new couples.

Burning firecrackers and fireworks is a Chinese wedding tradition

Firecrackers bring more joy to the wedding

Firecrackers bring more joy to the wedding Firecrackers and fireworks. Whenever I hear the sound of burning firecrackers or see the beautiful firework shinning in the sky, I know it should be the big day for someone. Birthday of old parents, getting married, having a baby and so on, all of these pleasant things expect the exciting display of firecrackers and fireworks. But people living in the urban area are rarely allowed to burn these things in case of causing fire or hurting people. If you want to feel the very Chinese traditional merry atmosphere, come to countrysides where still have fun with firecrackers and fireworks.

Actually what I mentioned above just such a few of the Chinese wedding culture, but if you are interested in it, you can make a comment and I will answer you very soon. Hope this can help you build up smooth and good relation with your Chinese girlfriend or future wife.

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