When Should the First LoveCall Happen

Recently, we’ve got a LoveCall Consultation from one of our gentleman members. He asked:

“I’ve been emailing and messaging a really nice Chinese girl on your site for the past few days. I’m thinking that at some point we should talk on the phone, but I’m unsure of when to make that first phone call and what to say when I call her. Is it too soon? And I am anxious about language problem, she is learning English. ”

Yes, online dating is different from offline dating. In offline dating, two people may initiate a short conversation then make a phone call without fear, but in online dating there seems to be a lot more caution as to when two people should chat on the phone even though they may have already spent hours emailing and messaging each other. And everyone’s different in this area. Some guys use our Lovecall service within one to two emails, but others may like to get to know people through a couple of emails until they see chemistry, then consider to take it to the next level.

For the gentleman who asked questions above, it seems that he and his Chinese girl may already share a lot of chemistry online, therefore we think there’s nothing wrong with making a lovecall now. As for language difference, it would never be a problem for Chnlove. Our LoveCall service will let you manage all your phone communication with your wonderful Chinese girl via translators just on any of your existing phones. LoveCall will connect to your lady’s translator first. Then, the translator will forward the message to the lady instantly. Translators are required to comply with all the rules and regulations. It is to make sure that the message is conveyed with no flaws and highest quality of translation is ensured. Take a tour of Chnlove lovecall services.

If you feel that you need to be “prepared” before making the Lovecall to your Chinese girl, you may print out her profile in advance and highlight her interests. This is key to formulating questions for her based on things she likes. And, as a general rule, do most of the question asking. Most women seem to be much more impressed with a guy who wants to find out a lot about them versus one who dominates the conversation. This also preserves a bit of “mystery” about you that may intrigue her. Soon you’ll find her suddenly wanting to know a lot more about you.

Train yourself to be perceptive in conversations. Listen carefully to what she says and ask follow-up questions. This not only let’s her know you’re a good listener, but also lets her know that you’re interested in what she has to say. Be genuine about this as it is pretty thrilling to get to know someone you have an interest in.

Finally, make note of important things she tells you. For example, if she says her favorite food is Japanese food then there’s a good indication of the first type of place you should eat when you meet in person. When prepared these things, you’ll find talking to your Chinese girl to be quite as natural as Email her.

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