Types of Chinese Girl to Avoid

We all love to date a Chinese girl. They are typically cute, alluring, and exciting to be with. However, just like dating with other nationalities, there are certain types that we would want to avoid.

These kinds of women may be enticing at first, and you may fall victim to their charm, but once they have these problematic traits mentioned below, you’re surely in for a chaotic ride. We’d want a smooth and lasting partnership as much as we can, so take note of these 5 most common types so that you’ll know what to avoid the moment you start finding a partner!

The Know-It-All

When you’re into Chinese dating sites, you wouldn’t exactly know a person’s entire personality once you interact with her. You may be lucky to get an idea of her tendency to be a know-it-all early on, and that’s a good sign to assess if you’d like to continue pursuing her or not. However, if you won’t, you can practice looking out for certain habits that will help you along the way.

If she can’t help pinpointing the tiniest mistakes you do, and if she loves to correct you all the time regardless if you’re in private or not, then chances are, you are seeing a know-it-all. This is the type of girl who finds an opportunity to tell you why you are wrong and would even give unwarranted advice for you to follow. While some are bearable, it’s up to you to eventually decide what you can tolerate or not.

The Toxic Partner

Sure, there are a lot of hot Chinese girls, but a lot of them can be toxic. Any behavior can become toxic. The moment she finds things to point and argue over, then you’re going to have a hard time. Toxic behaviors are problematic, so if you sense that she’s the type that doesn’t know how to discuss problems maturely and compromise when needed, then she will give you a headache and more drama than you can bear.

Typically, it’s easier to spot this behavior when you’re seeing each other for a lengthy time. If you’re lucky, try identifying toxic traits as early as possible while you’re still chatting online – toxic traits may include manipulation, self-centeredness, negativity, and being judgmental – If you can do this, you won’t only save time, effort, but spare yourself of heartaches too.

hot Chinese girls

The Daddy or Mommy’s Girl

When you’re looking for a partner, it’s easy to fall for these beautiful Chinese girls because they’re just that admirable. Imagine seeing pictures of them looking all dolled up and living a glamorous life. Be wary though because not all of this allure is from their own but their parents. It’s common to see spoilt kids who still retain their bratty behavior when they reach adulthood.

This is subjective, but if you don’t want to be in a partnership with someone who is still highly dependent on her parents, you can reconsider. It can vary when dating Chinese women because Asians are mostly family-oriented, so it can be a bit challenging to discern. What’s important to look at is that she is not constantly controlled by her parents and that there are healthy boundaries set between them.

The Unmotivated Woman

No matter how interested you are in these Chinese singles, don’t settle for less. Look for someone with ambition or someone who is not boring to be with. Sometimes, some are not motivated to do anything at all, making them hard to do activities with. Their disregard to do anything with you will only leave you feeling underappreciated.

You’ll know when someone is unmotivated when they don’t take interest in anything at all. Meet Chinese women as much as you can when you’re still looking for a potential partner. Choose one who knows how to not only enjoy your company but knows what she wants to do and what her goals and dreams are. Nothing is more inspiring than a woman who tries to forge her own path with enthusiasm.

beautiful Chinese girls

The Drama Queen

A beautiful Chinese woman you fancy would immediately lose her charm once she starts acting like a drama queen. Drama queens like to be the center of attention, so even if you have a huge problem, she’ll likely overshadow you with her dramatic outburst. No matter how grave your issues are and you’d want to have someone to vent to, she’ll probably not give you her 100% because she’d need to have her spotlight.

Dealing with drama queens can be so draining. That’s why find someone who knows how to share the burden with you by also learning how to listen and acknowledge your woes. You’d want a partner and not someone who only uses you to unload their dramas. You’ll start noticing this toxic habit by seeing her in person. Just interacting online won’t do, so take your time before committing.

These are some of the types that you’d want to remove from your list of potentials. Avoid them as much as you can, but do consider that these are subjective. You may tolerate some but be warned because problematic habits may always resurface from time to time, leading to your downfall.

Use this list as your guide, and just enjoy meeting with potential mates. Weigh the pros and cons and just respect the Chinese dating etiquette and culture of the area, and you’ll do just fine. Enjoy!