Chnlove Date: American Men-Hot Choice of Chinese Girls, Why?

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I’m writing to find out the root causes for the popularity of oversea marriage. My objective is to give recommendations to American guys who’re keen to locate a Chinese girl as lifetime companion, and make it easier to to recognize the faces in oversea marriage, to get a high results rate and superior match.

There’s no doubt that more and more Chinese girls pick a cross-cultural partnership. It can be partly ascribed to the adjustment of the society and people’s values and partly to the distinct qualities of the girls in China and American males.

Chnlove Date: How Chinese Women Think About American Men

Inside the eyes of female Chinese singles, American men have a lot of distinctive features that Chinese males don’t possess. It can be such a uniqueness that attracts Chinese women.

American males do not stay inside the superficial requirements like appearance and figure on picking a life partner. They care more about the inner side of Chinese wives. They look after their sorrow and desires at any time. Females in China are generally moved by their adore and thoughtfulness. Even so, most of Chinese guys concentrate additional on the appearance and take this factor probably the most essential in deciding the life companion, which has disappointed Chinese females.

Second, American gentlemen usually do not concern the ages as substantially as Chinese guys do because they quietly know that they are looking for true enjoy instead of a beauty only for daily appreciation. Just have a browse on the ads for a life companion on newspapers or on the internet and we are able to find that: In the majority of Chinese ads, males set an age limit and hope that girls are younger though in American ads most of them don’t do so. In America, several American guys marry China ladies who’re 5 years elder or extra. It is prevalent in America but from the point of Chinese men’s views, it is truly unimaginable.

Thirdly, American males are generous with their treacly words to partners. A lot of Chinese ladies like to stay with American men simply because they really feel very good when staying with them. Although you are bestowed a common look,you can nevertheless win the praise for your talents, fine qualities and smartness. A superb man will focus more on the inner side of a woman for the reason that the virtues would brighten her. It is actually what American males feel! American gentlemen who’ve a high education will constantly respect and appreciate their spouse. They would bring surprise to their spouse from time to time. On the other hand, the requirement of Chinese guys on choosing a wife is firstly referring to the look. The second is age. Chinese guys seldom send flowers and gifts to their partners after marriage. They just give money, which can be not enough inside the eyes of Chinese women.

How American Guys See Chinese Women

American guys prefer to favor Chinese women for their unique virtues that females in American don’t have. To start with, Chinese wives are diligent in work, tender and pretty in look. Apart from this, the most important reason is the fact that they’re not material girls. American ladies might be hardworking but not tender, sexy but not sweet and considerate.

For the modern American guys who are still single and want to find a Chinese wife in a quick and efficient approach, to sign up Chnlove and become a Chnlove member could be a nice option to realize the dream since this site is the largest Chnlove dating platform in Asia with friendly-used communication tools as well as quality and diverse Chinese girls for selection.

To sum up, the special functions of Chinese Women bring about the uprising quantity of Chinese brides in cross-cultural marriage. If you’re an American man searching for a Chinese bride, there is no doubt that this article should be useful for you in personal. Finally, wish you a happy date with your Chinese girl!


Connections Between China Ladies, Chnlove And Dating Agencies

Since the internet dating online business is more and more popular, the competitions get fierce. Then some companies lacking morals make vicious and defamatory statements about its competitors, which lead to bad value of rival company and loss of its members’ trust. It makes huge damage to companies, even the market system. Unfortunately, Chnlove is also attacked by those vicious statements. In order to release its members from worries, this Chinese dating site believes it is a must to clarify facts and tell the truths. Owing to rumors, people feel confused of or misunderstand the relationship between Chnlove.com, local dating agencies and Chinese women presenting in this dating website. Please read the following carefully and gain a clear and right understanding.

Chinese marriage

China ladies can be trusted in Chnlove

Chnlove VS Dating Agencies

In cooperation, not subsidiaries. As you know, this Asian just provides a communicative platform for transnational dating and it would like to cooperate with local dating agencies, who find Chinese singles looking for a foreign husband, help them register in this website and then get paid from the site. And these agencies will be carefully and cautiously selected according to some clauses. If a member gives an inform against an agency, Chnlove.com will take measures to check it out and has the right to terminate the cooperation relationship.

China Ladies VS Dating Agencies

Women in this Chinese dating site are members of local dating agencies. They are having direct customer relationship. And agencies should be responsible to all the activities of these ladies doing in this Asian dating site.

China Ladies VS Chnlove

No direct relationship. According to the contract with dating agency, the Chinese dating site provides a communicative platform to the third party, the women. However, in order to make sure that the platform runs safely and healthily, the site has the right and responsibility to check the ladies’ authenticity by receiving a copy of the ladies’ profiles from agencies before her login in the website. Meanwhile she will be rejected if the profile is found out to be fake based on the rules bound to the users of platform. On the other hand, agency will be investigated and warned if its ladies get reported frequently, and if the agencies ignore the warn, then this Asian dating website can finish the cooperation relationship with the agencies any time.Acknowledging these relationship or connections between Chnlove, local dating agencies and Chinese brides in this Chinese dating site, you should be aware of that the dating site is financially independent to women, cooperate with agencies and get no more profits than the payments for credits and other service noted in the popular dating website.


Tips for Dating Chinese Girls

Chinese women from Chnlove

If you want to successfully date beautiful women in China, you need to master some tactics.

Have met a Chinese girl? Want to date her but don’t know how? Calm down, guys! Here are some great and helpful tips for dating Chinese girls,which are also useful when dating on Chnlove.

1. Be yourself and act naturally. Most guys are trying to be a perfect man, making everything look good and perfect, allowing no mistake happen. However, that is not you, the real you in life. Chinese girls want you to be natural, who have merits and disadvantage. They will try to be understandable and acceptable when finding out your disadvantage. So remember that they hate pretending good man and just be yourself.

2. Smile more and show friendliness. Everyone loves smile faces. So don’t be shy and show her your big, charming and attractive smile. Women in China always think that westerners are kind, nice and easy-going guys. They will feel comfortable and relaxed, and will talk everything happily with you based on the friendly smile. Trust me you will get great rewards from this tip.

3. Be brave and confess your love to her. Guys, if you really have a feeling for the girl, just tell her! Men always don’t want to tell the girls his love to her before they do, because they are afraid that the girls can not love them back as much as they do. Man, don’t be silly. Love is mutual thing. Besides, most Chinese girls are less active, so they won’t tell you the true feeling even they crazily fall in love with you. They want the man to figure it out by himself and tell them what’s in his mind. So say it out loud if you love her!

4. Aggressive? NO way. Westerners tend to be aggressive and controlling. But you shouldn’t be that. The informationization well develops, and a lot of Chinese girls get to know more about the western world and people, of course, through movies or by internet. In these girls’ opinions, men in western countries should be more polite, gentle and caring. They want to be loved, respected but not controlled. Therefore, if you really want to date a Chinese girl or get a Chinese wife, you shouldn’t be aggressive.

5. Bring her a little gift or some flowers. Girls like flowers or little things. The Chinese girls are no exception. If the girl you are going to date is naive and lovely, you can bring her some cute toy bears or dolls. If the lady is mature and graceful, it’s not wrong to send her flowers.

Hope these are helpful to you and wish you a wonderful relationship with your Chinese girl or lady.


Golden Rules for Calling Your Chinese Girl

Listening to her voice means a little more than anything. – Since Chnlove had put out Lovecall service, many gentlemen show their interests about that. But sometimes, calling someone from another country can be intimidating and terrifying, so how to make the phone call to your Chinese girl vivid and efficient? Here are a few guidelines and pointers as you pick up the telephone:

1.Select the Right Time to Call
Pay attention to the equation of time and let your Chinese girl know when to expect your call. Don’t cold call her. Prior to calling, give a little advance notice. This will help you avoid catching her in the middle of washing their dog, their hair, etc! And because of varying work schedules, some Chinese girls are easier to reach in the mornings, whereas others prefer to receive calls in the evening, you should discuss it with her beforehand.

2.Show Enthusiasm and Be Polite
Don’t be afraid to reveal that you’ve looked forward to speaking with your Chiense girl. Be confident and talk to her like you’d talk to one of your old friend, but at the same time, please be respectful and polite. Even though you’ve already communicated for a lone time via EMF mail, the first phone call can serve as a first impression. When your girl answers the telephone, please introduce yourself. Don’t assume that the person will automatically recognize your voice. A great way to introduce yourself is, “Hi, this is XXX, I’m the man you met on Chnlove. I come from XXX, etc”.

3.Prepare a checklist of things to talk about.
It’s perfectly natural to feel self-conscious or worry about not saying the right thing when you’re interested in a girl, but keeping phone conversations smooth and natural are important to developing a relationship. It may help for you to preparea a checklist beforehand to avoid extended periods of dead air. Plan some funny anecdotes to tell the person about what’s been happening in your life, or keep in mind topics that you know she’s interested in, so you can always segue into a new subject if the conversation falters.  Preparing yourself with some “emergency” stories can help you feel more confident before your phone date, which can lead to a more effortless discussion.

4.Keep the conversation light.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Be prepared to talk about your life, friends and family, hobbies and recent accomplishments. You should definitely avoid talking about your exes, politics, recently deceased relatives or pets or anything that makes you feel less than happy. Also, avoid any graphic conversation — it’s not cool. Chinese girls always like the sunny men.

5. Ask open-ended questions
When you’re dating a Chinese girl, strike a balance between sharing details of your life and asking questions about her life. It’s important to try to tell them what your life is like and how you’re thinking and feeling, but it’s also important to know how they think and feel about different topics. If you don’t know the person very well, this will help you assess whether you are both compatible, and it will also make the person you’re interested in know that you are considerate and care about getting to know him as an individual. While he is talking, be sure to listen attentively to his stories and ask follow-up questions.

6. Remember What’s Been Said
She’ll always remember what you said last, so did you. Make a mental note of the things that you talk with your Chinese girl, then you can keep on developing the relationship. If she mentions how much she would love to move to USA one day, bring up the topic of travel to USA during your next date or mention a newspaper article that you just read about USA’s distinctive cuisine. If you have had a number of positive phone calls with your Chinese girl, or are in a committed relationship with her, you can use the information you’ve learned about them over the phone to make real-life plans.

7.Use Chnlove Lovecall Service Instead of Normal Telephone
Chnlove LoveCall can let you manage all your phone communications with your wonderful Chinese women via translators just on any of your existing phones. With Chnlove Lovecall, you can talk with no language barrier, and you can make a call anytime, anywhere.

These are 7 golden rules to help you navigate your phone call with Chinese girls. With a little preparation, you’ll soon realize that that this was an easy call that you didn’t have to spend too much thought on but do it. For more information about Chinese girls and Chnlove, please visit Chnlove Official BLOG.


Things You Should Know About Finding Good International – Chinese Dating Sites

Online dating can be a great way to meet your dream partner, especially when you are in America but decide to choose a Chinese girl / woman for marriage. An increasing number of people are trying that for themselves. Sadly though, some people’s search for love ends in financial disaster, or sometimes even worse. Don’t let something ruin your internation online dating experience. This article will help you select a good international-Chinese dating site with integrity and capability.

Please ask the following 6 questions:

1. Do those Chinese dating sites have real Chinese girls / women profiles?
If the international-Chinese dating site have a number of beautiful Chinese girls / women profiled on the websites, check if those girls / women are all its members. By using a trusted Chinese dating site the beauties you see will be real and available.

2. Do those Chinese dating sites have good referrals?
Good international-Chinese dating sites should be able to provide you with many referrals. If the sites provide introduction events, ask them how many guys attended the last event and if they were all successful in finding a likely Chinese wife. If everyone got what they came for, then the sites should be eager to provide all the glowing references. Good ternational-Chinese dating sites will be able to provide ample referrals to back up their services. Your best insurance on the quality of the Chinese dating site is plenty of positive customer experiences.

3. Do those Chinese dating sites have real Testimonials?
Do not rely on testimonials. That can be fabricated unless they can be traced to a source. Find out who said what about whom and then verify the accuracy of the quote. Use a international-Chinese dating site that will show you the source and full context of all their quoted material.

4. Do those Chinese dating sites have positive reputation?
Good international-Chinese dating sites should have a good reputation. Find out by accessing the dating forums. Post a question asking about the good and the bad dating sites. An Chinese dating sites with a good reputation would participate in the forums and have a history of dialogue that can be used to evaluate their services.

5. Do those Chinese dating sitess have a trustworthy owner?
Talk to the owner, is he a man you can trust? How long has he been in business and can he verify a record of success? What distinguishes their agency from the others and why you will be more successful under their care? Are you going to be treated as an individual or as part of the pack? Ask as many questions as possible to scrutinize all aspects of the service you are interested in. Your trip itinerary needs to be clearly defined. Understand the details and specifics that will make your travels to find a Chinese wife successfully.

6. Do those Chinese dating sites have considerate services?
Use international-Chinese dating sites that have a staffed office at your arrival destination and a qualified intermediary. The difference between Chinese girls / women and girls / women in your country requires a cultural navigation best guided by trained professional matchmakers that will help you bridge the cultural differences and build a successful relationship. Good international-Chinese dating sites with considerate services will support you with full-time, experienced, trained, dedicated, professional matchmakers who can properly assist you.

Chnlove.com is such a international-Chinese dating site can give positive answers “YES, YES, YES” to all above questions. Click and check why use Chnlove.


Online Dating Safety Tips for This Valentine’ s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and finding a perfect match on this Valentine’ s Day via online dating services sounds like a dream come true, but everything also can quickly turn into a nightmare if you haven’t known any Dating Safety Tips and choose a wrong online dating site. In this special love day, dating scammers are preying on people looking for love.

There is no denying that many respectable and reliable e-dating services are provided online, but daters should be extremely careful when choosing the best service to meet their needs. To avoid falling victim to cybercrimes, you should only use sites with explicit privacy policies, ensuring that their anonymity will be protected and no private information will be revealed without their consent. At the same time, we, Chnlove.com also suggest online dates should read testimonials and dating reviews, as well as the advice of a trustworthy person who has already used the service before proceeding to register and subscribing.

Beware of e-threats this Valentine’ s Day may include:
• Scammers posing as attractive singles, building relationships, then sharing sob stories and needing money wired for an emergency .
• Prowlers scanning internet sites looking for personal information in order to commit identity theft.
• Unscrupulous companies and matchmakers that cheat singles out of hundreds or thousands of dollars and never deliver on their services.

Chnlove.com alsp offers the following additional tips to keep computers and personal information safe on this Valentine’ s Day:

• Don’t open e-mail from unknown sources. Many viruses spread via email messages, so always ask for a confirmation from the sender if you are in doubt.
• Don’t open attachments in emails with suspicious subject lines right away. Instead, save them to your hard disk and scan them with an updated antivirus program.
• Delete any chain emails or unwanted messages. Don’t forward them or reply to their senders. These kinds of messages are considered spam because they’re unsolicited and can overload Web traffic.
• Update your system and applications as often as possible. Some operating systems and applications can be set to update automatically. Make full use of this feature. Failure to patch your system often may leave it vulnerable to threats.
• Don’t copy any file from a source you don’t know or trust. Check the source of files you download and make sure that an antimalware program has already verified the files at their source.
• Use an integrated security solution that includes antimalware, antispam and firewall, as well as advanced features, such as Web Filtering and Identity Protection.

You are welcome to share your experience and opinion about Dating Safety for Valentine’ s day on Chnlove Anti Scam campaign site. Last, Wish your valentine’ s day to be joyful. Let someone special steal your heart in this romantic holiday, but not your money or your identity.


4 Steps To Find & Avoid Online Dating Scams

Online dating, Internet romance are becoming more and more popular because it has many positive aspects. But frankly speaking, it has also proven to be a ‘big board’ for dating scammers to exploit the trend, taking advantage of innocent men and women in search of love.

Now, You can find and avoid falling prey to dating scammers by reading the below online dating tips:

1. Starting First Contact to your Private Email Address
Professional online dating scammers are very smart and creative. They virtually always are the first to start emailing you. Usually, they will tell you that they found your contact details or profile on X or Y website and that were touched by your profile and would like to know you more and build a romantic relationship with you. If you receive such emails in your private Email Address –whether in your spam or inbox folder–don’t pay attention to it. Just delete it. If possible, mark this email as phishing scam.

If you want to have a meaningful online dating, you are adviced to join a credible online dating site (such as Chnlove.com, AsiaMatch.com, both of  them have serious Anti-scam POLICY), and start communication under their guide. Never believe the people who start first contact to your private Email.

2. Sending Fake Pictures
Usually, online dating scammers will email or scan fake pictures from magazines. In most cases they tend to steal another person’s photographs, such as of a beautiful woman or a charming gentleman and post them. Just ignore them.

I could not but mention Chnlove.com again. It is an accepted fact that Chinese girls in this site are most beautiful, but their photo is also true and faithful. Chnlove and its local agencies verify all of lady’s profile before posting them on the site.

3. Not Disclosing Any Personal Information
More often than not, scammers will show an overly interest feelings in everything about you, yet do not share any of their personal data with you. If you feel that the person you are talking to is bombarding you with questions but refuses to answer any of your questions then; know that your life is in danger.

Chnlove.com always tell their members to know each other better before making the final decision, no matter communicate with their EMF MAILS, or lovecall,or praivate ways, when you want to develop the relationship further, always think it over.

4. Asking For Financial Help
After communicating with the scammer for three days – to a couple of weeks, an ‘unexpected emergency’ will occur and you will be asked for a huge sum of money. Most often they tell you that their mother or sister is ill and therefore surgery is needed but do not have enough funds, or they want to meet you but need your financial support with airfare, and so on. When you encounter such things, know that you are not dealing with a genuine online dater, but an experienced online scammer.

Yes, NEVER send money to anyone who you met online, but have not yet met in person. This is the primal faith Chnlove tells their members.

Welcome to  Chnlove Anti-Scam Campaign to know more about Chnlove Anti scam policy.


When You Found Charming Photos on Chnlove…

Someone once said, among lots of Asian dating sites, most beautiful Chinese girls are on Chnlove. We are very proud of that, but at the same time, we also receive some questions form our male members like that: “Many of the Chinese women on your site are seriously pretty.. even more than that.. There are model professional photos.. Which is usually another warning sign that it’s dating scammers. What are your thoughts on such excellent pics? Too good to be true. I’m really wondering, can such charming photos be real?

Frankly speaking, this concern is understandable, but for people who are familiar with us must know that Chnlove puts a lot effort into fighting against all dishonest behaviours which may be harmful to our reputation or the confidence of our male member. You can go back to our sites to learn how Chinese girls with charming photo to join Chnlove, how we Anti-scam, how you can protect yourself in online dating, etc. Then, special for the charming photos, model professional photos, we have something to say:

Chinese girls may value their appearance very seriously. When you walk down the streets of any major city, you may realize that no matter you look in any direction, at any time and you will not see at least one, but usually many, stunningly beautiful women. They wears fashion clothes and elegant makeup. And this is their daily life, imagine what they should do when they join a online dating site and want to attract a western man? These kind and sincere Chinese women of course will provide you with what they are best at.

Dear men, another fact for you in case you are not aware yet: Chinese people in general and Chinese girls especially love photography and love having their pictures taken. Chinese women take photographs seriously and they always get ready for the photo session. They know how to pose properly and they will take as long as necessary to get great pictures. We understand except for wannabe actresses or models, you just can’t say that about western women, but it is typical of all Chinese women. China is in love with the camera and  So, we accept our lasy’s charming photo which took in photographic studio, which is kind of their life.

As webmaster of a Asian dating site, we know very well that online dating needs best photos. We display our ladies as Newly Posted and Latest Refresh, “Newly Posted” section displays the new profiles of Chinese girls, but older profiles will be displayed in a latter position as new profiles takes precedence over the old one. In order to give fairer chances we introduced the “Latest Refresh” section. However, there are always 30 photo can be showed in the first page. We noticed very early that if a lady with high quality profile she got a lot of attention, which meant more clicks on her, and more EMF mail and cupid fly to her. For girls, this is a competition for getting attention, so they would like choosing or taking their most charming photo.

We discussed with some agency and professional photographic studio, they really have a way with taking wonderful photos. They said, some Chinese girls are naturally photogenic, but it is a talent anyone can develop with a little practice. They will guide their guests like this:

– “Be comfortable, you don’t have to be a model to take great pictures. Self-confidence shines through in photos. If you fold your arms a certain way, cover your mouth or look as if you’re hiding something, then you won’t look attractive.”

– “Play up your assets. Models have flaws, they just learn how to work with them. Downplay yours by shifting the focus to your better features. If you’ve got great eyes, then make sure you don’t squint. If you’ve got a long neck, then show it off. The point is to take whatever you’ve got and use it to your advantage.”

– “Know your angles. You may actually have a “good side.” Certain angles may appear more flattering than others. For instance, you don’t want to tilt your head back too far or your nostrils will look huge. Play around with poses to see which ones you like best.”

– “Think like a model. Make the poses you like the most second nature. Whenever you’re in front of the camera, go into them automatically. Your pictures will come out great and people will think that you are naturally photogenic.”


There are numerous photographic skills can be used to unleash a lady’s inner super model and be more photogenic. Good appearance, elegant makeup, and professional photography, Chinese girls in a dating site always make themselves look best. They do it because they struggle to keep your eyes off them. So when You Found Charming Photos on Chnlove…Tell yourself, these Chinese girls are true and sincere.