How to Find Chinese Women For Marriage?

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In China, there are a great number of single women who want to marry a western guy. And many western men are successful in finding themselves a Chinese wife, via Chinese dating site or international matchmaking agencies.

If you have made up your mind to meet a Chinese woman to marry and then start a unique family. Below come the steps you can take to find a potential oriental bride.

Step 1, take priority to thoroughly understand immigration laws. Even if you have successfully found a woman in China and make her your fiancee, it can still take up to years for your wife to become a permanent resident.

You should know that immigration through marriage is harder than immigration through a blood relative or employer. You and your wife have to collect strong evidence that she didn’t marry you just to live in the US. On that case, both of you need to get very well preparation. Prove that you two have known each other for at least one year before getting married.

Step 2, find yourself a reliable Chinese dating site, which is of great importance before starting dating a Chinese woman since it decides the quality of the girls, and your success possibility. Suppose you have friends or relatives who have successfully found their wives in China, then ask them for recommending a site.

Step 3, pay attention to your outlooks, manners, health and hygiene so as to leave a good impression. There goes a misconception that a ‘Mail order bride’ will marry any American guy to get a green card. It’s not true! Chinese women have their stands on choosing future partners, even though the process proceeds via online dating platforms.

Step 4, try your best to learn Chinese. You should be noticed that Chinese women appreciates the western guys who can speak Chinese because they consider that manner a kind of respect. Apart from having a smooth communication with your Chinese girl, you can also make a good impression on her family if you can speak Chinese. What’s more, it also looks good to immigration officials.

Step 5, if you have confirmed a relationship with the Chinese girl via online dating site, you should manage time to fly to see her. Most men make at least two trips to get to know their girls and families. When arriving there, you need to figure out something. For instance, make sure she is of legal age, is not already married to someone or betrothed to someone else.

Step 6, when you two have decided to marry each other, get all the immigration paperwork ready in advance, so that you can file the forms as soon as possible once your marriage is certified.

Successfully finding a Chinese wife is not easy but also not that difficult as only as you get enough preparation!